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My World My Maa – Happy Mothers Day


Maa, Matri, Aayi, Amma, Mata, Maaji, Bebe, Mataji, Pabbo, Ammee, Mom, Mummy, Mommy, momsie and so on – different names and different faces but they are all the same – a caring and loving mother (in some cases a father too).happy mothers day. She is the superwoman who is a strong pillar of support, a dietician (stop eating that junk, and have some real food), a best friend, a disciplinarian (well that’s just tough love), a teacher, a helpful guide and of course an overbearing mother (Where are you going? Why are you up so late?).

There are times we take her for granted but, end of the day, we know we cannot function without her (Mom, I can’t find my shoes, then she comes and they miraculously appear – mother magic). Each of us has seen our mothers struggle out to give us a better life,sacrificing a large part of her. The sacrifices aren’t easy to make, yet she does and there’s nothing that can make it up for those lost times. The world would be nothing without mothers and we often hear people say – my mother is the center of my world.

So, here’s a little tribute from TravelRasoi to every mother, as we celebrate her beautiful existence. Wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

It’s not every day we say thanks to our mothers for the things she does. So, here’s a few of us making a little effort to express our gratitude foreverything she has done for us. If you have something to share about your mother too, let us know in comments or Tag her in the pic of our Facebook post or share about your Mother’s happy moments in Twitter using #HappyMotherHappyMe.

Nivedita Singh – A Proud Daughter Of Mrs. Sandhya Singh


“You look so much like your father”, this is what I’ve grown up hearing. My dad has always been away, as he works abroad but whenever he’s around, he chill outs with us, teaches about great people, we make a to-do list and enjoy. But what no one knows is that, my mother has always been a superhero.

She’s artistic, absent-minded and really smart. I always thought managing a house was no big deal, maybe that’s why there were times when I didn’t take my mom seriously when she said she was busy. I always thought she was a bit of a neat freak. My paintings might look like amateur doodles lying next to her master pieces, my love for art is nothing in front of her pure passion. My crooked smile looks like a runner-up to her 100-watt grin….

The first time I lived away was when I turned 22. I lived up to my promise, I wasn’t particular about cleanliness, I didn’t stress about the dust. Until one day I couldn’t call it home anymore….

She’s shown me the sky when I thought my ceiling were the limit, she’s loved with all her heart and made me humble, she’s lived up to every promise just to see me and my brother smile.

In spirit, she’s my idol and every day I try to be more like her. She’s the best thing that happened to me (or I happened to her, may be) and being her mirror image means I’ve got a path of greatness cut out for me.

I would like to thank my Mumma. I’m going to thank her for all those times I learned from example, for the times she’s taught me to love endlessly, to work with vigour and rooted me to the ground.

So, I might look like my dad, but within, I am my mom…..

Love you to the moon and back, Mumma…

And the best dish prepared by mom is “Mutton Do-pyaaza”

Sireesha Reddy – She Finds Strength in Her Mother


My mother is the most awesome creation of God. I am nothing without my Mom. She is one of my strengths and there’s no love that can replace the love of my Mom. In fact I thank God for choosing her as my mom. I love the food she cooks and the one I am most fond of is Chicken Biriyani with roasted eggs.

Gargi Sinha and Her brother, Nishant Sinha

Gargi – A Daughter miles away misses her mom’s food

A child is always special to a mother, no matter how much pain and agony she needs to go through for all those nine months. When she sees her little baby smile, it washes both her mental and physical sorrows away. I as a daughter can hardly repay the debt that I owe to my mother. Whatever I am today is because of her. We do have some discontent regarding few things at times but we soon come to an understanding. I have rarely been pressurized to do something that I wouldn’t want to.

She’s been the best guide and teacher I have ever had. Her teachings and foundation have helped me overcome a lot of challenges till now. Staying away from the comfort of my home for the last 10 to 11 years, I yearn for my mom’s recipes. It’s hard to select just one, so here are two of my favorites – “Steamed Prawns in Mustard/Poppy Seed Sauce” and “Roselle Jam” or “Mesta Jam”. Celebrating “Mother’s Day” once in a year is not enough to express my gratitude. But on this occasion, I still want to thank you for being there and say that I love you Ma.


Nishant – A quirky son happy to eat his mom-cooked favorite foods

I asked my mother if she was looking forward to being a grandmother anytime soon because you know I’m 26 and I have an elder sister and you know what she said, “I am too busy right now to be a grandmother”. That’s my mother, not some cerelac eating infant’s grandmother. So for the next 10 years I can still ask my mother to cook me two of my favorite Manipuri cuisines – ‘Paltoi’ and ‘Khar’. Happy Mother’s Day!

Rashi Nigam – Cherishes The Mother-Daughter Bond

PicMonkey-Collage_1 , happy mothers day

“Maa” is a word, which makes our eyes sparkle and brings a smile on our face. It’s a synonym of sacrifice, endurance, patience and unconditional love. Mother is the one who works 24*7 in any shift without any appraisals and pay. When we were young, our mothers used to scold us and eventually her scolding turned us into a more responsible person. And now when we are grown-ups, we miss her scolding.

According to me, a daughter-mother relationship is a very special one as it is a circle in which a mother gives birth to a daughter and then the daughter becomes the mother by giving birth to her child. And therefore, I believe that a mother can understand her daughter in the truest sense. We realize her worth only when we stay far from our home, specially the food cooked by her. Although, everything cooked by my mom is my favorite but to be specific, my all-time favorite is dry chicken. And whenever she makes that for me, she never forgets to put in that extra effort and love.

Anjali Sethi Joshi – A Mom Who Misses Her Mom


Mommy – I think it’s the one word that connects you with the whole lot of things. If you are away, you would know that when you call mom, food is a routine topic as she is the only one who bothers to check if you had food or not. And during your hunger pangs, she is the first person whom we ask – what did you cook today?

As my gratitude, I can only say that Mom I love you. You supported me in my most dire situations and you are the one who always took care of my little stuff. Thank you for tolerating me from time to time, you are the one who taught me to never give up whatsoever happens in life. And you are definitely the world’s best cook.

Today, I can relate to your essence of motherhood more as I stepped into this role by being blessed with two beautiful twin toddlers, a boy and a girl. I miss our moments – the night talks, the admonishments, the concerned look on your face, and you regularly asking – kuchk hayaya nahi? My mouth always waters whenever my mom cooks her awesome Rajma chawal and her winter special – Gobhi Matar keema.

Being a mother, I truly understand today that how difficult it is to take care of each and every need of your kids. But I am blessed to have an amazing husband who is always there to lend a very huge helping hand in catering to my one-year olds’ needs. When you become a parent, you actually remember every single moment with your mom, and you end up missing her every time. She is the guide whom you look up to for every “ghar ka nuska” while dealing with your delicate babies.

I can only say I that I love you, always and forever, and I miss each and every moment that I had spent with you.

Samrita Baruah – A Daughter Whose Role Model is Her Mom

happy mothers day

Though I am writing this small piece on Mother’s Day, I know I do not need any special day or occasion to express my love for my maa. I might not be the best daughter to her (as I could not grow up the way she would have liked me to grow or never made her proud of anything) but I can state with pride that there has not been any moment in her life when she would have been disgraced or felt ashamed of accepting me as her daughter.

There have been times when we might have been at loggerheads for petty issues in life (especially when you are in your teens and you happen to fight almost over anything) but those were transient moments in my life and they could do little to affect such a beautiful relation. Not to forget those sacrifices she has made for both me and my brother, I hardly think I would be able repay back to her.

I found my first best friend in her and she is the one with whom I could share anything and everything, even today after my marriage. The first time I found myself helpless without my mother around was when I shifted to a hostel during my graduation days. I realized her importance even more then.

I think the mother-daughter relationship is the best relationship in this world and if I happen to have a daughter tomorrow, I always know who my role model is.

It is very difficult to single out one particular dish of my maa, since ‘maa ke haath ka banaya huwa khana’ is always the best and I find the motherly love and affection in every dish that she prepares. Nevertheless, I would like to make a special mention of the ‘Bhogali Bihu’ fest (a very important festival in our state of Assam) when my mother would prepare a sumptuous meal for the whole family, a meal that will remain etched in our memory for the entire year till the next Bihu.

The wholesome meal would consist of a chicken/mutton curry, a fish ‘gravy, daal, an egg preparation, pulao/plain rice, a dry sabji and salad. Preparations would start from the afternoon and we would wait with unabated anticipation of the food, longing for evening to set in early. Today when I miss those times, frequent thoughts keep coming to me of how those childhood days were the best days of my life.

Susrutha Nagalla – A Daughter Who Cherishes Her Mother’s Support


Hi, I am Susrutha and I would like to share a few things about my mother, Nalini Kumari. She is the most caring, lovable and cordial personin the family. She has supported me in every situation of my life, understood my feelings and has taken care of me in all my well beings. I like her simplicity and the way she approaches us in hard situations of our lives. I have troubled her in so many situations with my naughty things.

But those are the happy memories she remembers the most in my absence. Coming to the dishes, I like each and every dish made by her, and if Ihave to mention a few then I would choose Ridge Gourd Dal, Lemon rice and Bread halwa. One thing I would like to share with all of you is that having parents as understandable and dearest friends is more precious than earning crores in our lives. I wholeheartedly say that am very blessed and lucky to have you in my life Amma. Her presence means a lot to me and I thank God for giving me a wonderful mother. Love you and stay blessed Amma!!

Eureka Bharali – For Whom Her Maa is The Epitome Of Courage and Love


Words can never be enough, and it’s only a meager attempt to tell you how much you inspire me every day of my life. To steer ahead and turn three young teenagers into responsible adults, all on your own, was a tough road. But with determination, you did what you do best, persevere. Your radiant smile never turned bleak, except for the times when you had to shape us with some tough love.

But you never shied away from the huge responsibilities and moved ahead creating your own path out of obstacles. Witnessing this determination of yours and your zest for life, today I see every turn in my life as an opportunity than a hiccup. Your tender ways of caring (sometimes over caring) and of course your stern ways worth fearing, are what makes you “You” and for maintaining that balance, I will always look up to you. You have always been there to support us and there’s never been a time when we couldn’t count on you. You give us courage to take a step and become independent.

Your enthusiasm to learn is inspiring and I can only hope this one trait stays with me too. After all, I failed to take up the other traits of yours. I mean you painted Madonna on glass and I can’t draw a simple scenery with crayons, or you crocheted an entire soft woolen carpet, while a simple cross stitch gets me all wired. And you cook the most delicious food at home.

Be it the Kothal or bhaaji (Jackfruit fry), kosu (Caucasia leaves) or the naarkolormaasortorkaari (Fish curry with coconut cream), I cannot wait to reach home when you take up all your time to cook my favorite dishes. My every point of life is linked to you and I would like to thank you for being the most courageous, loving and beautiful mother that you are. Today, the reason I exist is you, and I love you for giving me this life.

If you have something to share about your mother too, let us know in comments or Tag her in the pic of our Facebook post or share about your Mother’s happy moments in Twitter using #HappyMotherHappyMe.

– EB

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