Witness the Magic of Snowfall at these Snow Escapes in India

Witness the Magic of Snowfall Places in India


Snowfall Places in India

Winter is one of the best times of a year, as it provides us with ample opportunities to wrap ourselves in cosy and comfortable blankets and sip our favourite tea or coffee in the comfort of our homes or offices, while the temperatures are still dipping outside.

As winter sets in, we start embracing vegetables, fruits, soups and a variety of other delectable items that otherwise never make it to our daily food menu/list. We also find unique ways of experimenting with our winter wardrobe including coats, jackets, sweaters and colourful scarves. Thus, if you’re a winter person and are looking forward to spend a memorable winter vacation, then head straight to these snow filled destinations in India. Why?

The winter season is the perfect time for witnessing snowfall in India and also because during this season the tour/travel rates of holiday packages providers is at its lowest. Read on to find TravelRasoi’s list of the best snow places in India.

Touch, Feel and Experience Snow at Ladakh

Ladakh is ideal for those who’re completely in love with snow and would do anything to witness the fabulous sight of the snowfall. During the winter season i.e. from October to March Ladakh is beautifully covered with snow, which further enhances the overall beauty and serenity of the place. In fact, those with adrenaline rush can also engage in their favourite adventure activities such as trekking while in Ladakh. If you’re up for trekking, then don’t forget to pay a visit to Zanskar, which is one of the best spots for winter trekkers. The sight of steep and snow capped mountains as well the frozen lakes, paths and rivers will also leave you awe-struck.

Experience Snow at Ladakh

Things to do: Go for the Chadar trek and dig deeper into the awesome villages of the Zanskar valley. During your trip, you can also explore places such as Shrina koma, Tilat sumdo, Tibb, Gyalpo, Nerak, Lingshed and Dibyokma.

Witness the Magic of Snow at Tawang

The north-eastern parts of India are not only blessed with some of the most beautiful cultures and people but are also worth exploring if you’re fond of snow. Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is highly recommended to those who want to experience the beauty of nature, snow peaks and mountains, all at one go.

Magic of Snow at Tawang--snowfall places in india

Things to Do: Apart from visiting the Tawang Monastery, you can also climb the Gorichean peak and visit the extremely exciting Sela Pass, located at 13700 feet.

Admire the Sight of Snow Fall at Narkanda

Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh is yet another exciting destination for admiring the sight of snow fall and experiencing winters like never before. However, apart from the snowy paths and mountains, the place is also perfect for indulging in skiing as well as trekking. Narkanda attracts tourists for its scenic and natural beauty as well as sights. Aside to this, you can also pay a visit to the spruce and pine forests as well as the orchards that are full of fresh and juicy apples.

Sight of Snow Fall at Narkanda

Things to Do: Narkanda offers a whole lot of sightseeing opportunities. You can also engage in winter shopping and pick some of the finest and good quality carpets, shawls, pullans and blankets from the local markets.

-Puja Bhardwaj

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