What Married Women Really Want?

What Married Women Really Want?

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Marriage is a unique arrangement where two people get into a life-long bond with each other. This bond strengthens with love, passion, commitment, understanding, loyalty and respect for each other. But, there’s more to marriage than what couples think and there is definitely something more that many women want but fail to express due to their own personal reasons.

Yes, we are talking about Sex- a not very frequently discussed aspect of what women want. In fact, a topic that is a taboo subject in India and shall continue to remain for many more years to come.

In fact, the truth is that while men wish to excite their women, women crave intimacy, ecstasy and uncontrollable lust. Research has revealed that the actual female orgasm is to feel desired by their partners. So, let’s discuss what married women really want from their partners aside to kids, household chores, home management and a long list of responsibilities.

Sexual Encounters Married Women Crave For

There are many different types of sexual encounters that married women yearn for, but almost always fail to express in words or gestures. Below, take a look at few of them:

1. “I am too sleepy” Sexual Encounter: This happens when a woman is too tired, but also turned on at the same time. This is when she also knows that she won’t get enough time for sex in the days to come, due to one or the other reason.

The benefit of this type of sex is that you won’t have to wait for the conditions to be perfect for coming in contact with your husband.

2. Scheduling of Sex: Yes, many married women want their partners to schedule their sexual encounters. In fact, when you fix a particular day or time for sex, just like you fix many other appointments in your life, you are bound to keep your women happy.

The biggest advantage of this kind of sexual pleasure is that both you and your partner will know exactly where and when you need to get it on.

3. ‘Before heading Out’ Sexual Encounter:  You may have planned a day out with your family, but before heading out you can always enjoy sex. Yes, contrary to what many men think, women do love such sexual encounters. In fact, it almost always surprises them and leaves them satisfied to the core.

The advantage of this type of sexual interaction is that you can have some good time while you have some energy left, and later relax as well as enjoy your time out with family & friends.

4. ‘It’s Time for a Baby’ Sexual Meeting: This is one type of sex that many married women want in their lives. In fact, if you are mentally prepared to have a child, then getting into this type of sexual encounter is much easier.

The benefit of this type of sexual meeting is that you have a baby and yet another reason to bond with each other well.

5. “I have my best lingerie on so let’ get started” Sex: This is the type of sex you wish to enjoy when you are wearing your best lingerie. In fact, when women put on their sexiest lingerie, they want their husbands to notice them and prove that they are the hottest females on earth.

The benefit of this kind of sexual interaction is that it boosts your ego and gives you a perfect reason to enjoy passionate sex.

-Puja Bhawdwaj

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