friendship day

What is friendship day? Jai, who is your Veeru?


what is friendship day?

Family isn’t always blood. Friends also become family with the test of time. But like family, they grow with you. They say that most friendships are forever if they have lasted for at least 5 years. I don’t know how much of that is true but I do know that friendship needs love, attention and care like other relationships to last (Not to mention madness). But if you invest that much, rest assured that you have made a friend for life.

chuddy buddy friend ---what is friendship day?

Just imagine a day without that bestie who you share everything with. Life would be so depressing! A crazy, stupid friend is as important as food. Like food curbs hunger, a friend curbs boredom, anxiety, and nervousness depending on what you need at what time.

If you had not made that friend, who would you actually confide in? Who would you pour your heart out to? A “chuddy buddy” goes a long way in making your life happier and worth living. There should be that one pal at least who has tears in eyes when you are crying; a friend that raises a toast when you get a promotion; a friend who is all ears when you have a story to share. A friend is like a leak-proof sponge that absorbs everything you throw. This friend is your real treasure and you must hold on tight.



The real friends do not just “like” your posts on Facebook; they genuinely “like” you. A real friend has the right to snatch your plate of maggi or even your favourite T-shirt without even batting an eyelid and you cannot say no because it is this friend who you value more than the material things in life. The camaraderie that you share with your friends is unbelievable; no wonder you end up upsetting a jealous spouse.

real friends

A real friend makes you laugh the loudest, telling you on your face what you truly are and help you live better. You burp or you fart, wear pyjamas or a tattered tee, eat like a pig or look like one, use the sleaziest lingo or sound cheap, a best bud won’t care and won’t judge and that’s for sure!!


So as they say “friends are the family you choose”. I hope you choose well if you still haven’t and for the ones who already have diamonds in the form of friends, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!

Here are a few things you must do this Friendship Day –

  1. Catch up—Meet over for a beer or just hang out at your favourite coffee house. Catching up is important!!
  2. Buy a tiny gift – When was the last time you actually gifted each other something really worthwhile? How about a poster of you and your gang together?
  3. Plan a vacation together – If it materialises, you will be having a blast of a time that you will remember lifelong!


P.S. India celebrates Friendship Day each year on the first Sunday of August.

– Meenakshi Besoya

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