Vishwa Foundation’s Agnihotra Therapy

Vishwa Foundation’s Agnihotra Therapy Heal the World

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Agnihotra Therapy

In today’s world we are plagued with numerous issues and concerns including climate change, reduced food production, poor health, increased mental health issues, higher addiction and crime rate as well as other global catastrophes or problems. These issues exhaust us mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and environmentally, leaving us completely drained and exhausted. Given the above scenarios, there is a need for creating a healthy and stress-free society. This is exactly where Vishwa Foundation, a widely trusted non-profit charity organization comes to the rescue of the society and its people in general.

Agnihotra Therapy

Read on to discover more about the Vishwa Foundation and their unique Vedic techniques and practices such as Agnihotra and Homa therapy.

The Work and Efforts of Vishwa Foundation 

Based in Akkalkot, Maharashtra, the Vishwa Foundation is committed to healing humanity as well as creating a better and healthier planet through the practices of Agnihotraor Homa therapy.

The globally recognized non-profit organization focus on several social, spiritual, medical, environmental and cultural initiatives that further helps them to uplift society and the lives of the people. Guided by the timeless and eternal teachings of Param Sadguru, the organization blends ancient wisdom with modern scientific techniques and knowledge to bring positive as well as sustainable changes around the globe.

The Vedic Practice of Agnihotra

The members of the foundation encourage people to practice Agnihotra and Homa therapy to heal the world, promote health and usher positive effects on the environment. In essence, the Agnihotra technique enhances as well as nourishes the lives of human beings around the globe. Agni which denotes Fire as well as Hotra means offering unto the fire creates a positive and healing effect. Also referred to as Homa therapy or fire therapy, Agnihotra helps in creating an equilibrium between nature in and around us through tuning our body and mind with nature’s unique rhythm. A purification process, the Agnihotra technique is known to offer positive outcomes that have been recognized by doctors, scientists and ancient as well as modern ecologists.

Who Can Perform Agnihotra?

The therapy is practiced by hundreds and thousands of individuals worldwide and does not have any national or religious nuances attached with it. This means that anyone can perform Agnihotra anywhere viz. garden, home, office or any other place which is neat and tidy. The process is performed exactly at specified local sunrise & sunset timings.

The Benefits of Agnihotra Technique

It begins with the preparation of fire in a copper vessel that comes in the shape of a semi-pyramid. This is followed by offering two pinches of rice smeared in Cow’s ghee along with chanting of Vedic mantras that offer a host of benefits such as:

  • It helps to purify and heal both humanity and the global environment
  • Influences the body, soul, mind and the environment positively
  • Helps us to achieve inner balance and spiritual happiness
  • Enhances as well as harmonizes the Prana function i.e. life energy
  • Tuning the body & mind with the nature’s rythm
  • Helps to establish inner equilibrium
  • Soothes our body and mind
  • Embrace and evolve our uniqueness
  • Helps us to get de-addicted from all our toxic habits

According to studies conducted by the microbiologists in India and around the globe, Agnihotra helped in the reduction of colonies of S.Typhii, Salmonella etc. by 96%. The process also helped in reducing pathogenic bacterial count in water and soil by 80%.

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