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Viability of Online Conferencing Apps to Education

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Online Conferencing apps

Technological advancement is the key to modernization of life. It has penetrated in every sphere of your life irrespective of age and gender. One such field where technology is predominant is education. It is not as if the technical assistance was absent in the field of education.

Smartboard, computerized teaching, and audio-visual aids have always been the essential components of contemporary teaching aids. However, online conferencing apps are the latest technology that is permeating in the education system.  Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and Skype are only a few online conferencing forums to mention that recently took over the world of education.

Online conferencing apps are a platform where two people or a group of people meet for discussion, conversation, face-to-face interaction, sharing documents, or messaging with each other. These forums are web applications where the users generate their content. Even today, these forums are predominant in the international business world. The conference venue is your computer and internet access, enabling participants to hold a conference from anywhere in the world.

Online Conferencing Apps

The online teleconferencing is a service offered to the educational institutions by many sprouting software companies that give you the option of maintaining social distancing and bridging the gap of personalized teaching. For its functionality, you need to fulfill specific requirements. To avail the facility of online education, you would need to use VOIP conferencing technology, access to the internet, and a computer at both ends for the users. In case you do not have a computer, you have the option of replacing it with laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Online Conferencing Forums

The department of education is more and more inclined to avail the web applications of online conferencing forums. Here are some of the forums that take the credit of augmentation in education.  The users and the participants choose their platform based on their convenience.


Skype is an online tool used in classrooms. Skype is a product of Microsoft Corporation. After the acquisition, Microsoft started embedding its software and developed skype. The multiple features of skype were invented to support teaching staff. 

These features include virtual field trips, lessons via guest speakers, and tie-up classrooms with schools at international levels. The security password protects users from misuse.

Google Hangout Meet

Live streaming of classroom activities and record meetings are the features that Google Hangout Meet offers to the educational sector. Recently it has introduced new features to facilitate educators through G Suite.

Google has stepped up to allow 250 participants to meet in a single call. Furthermore, one lakh viewers can enter the meeting domain for live streaming. Additionally, these participants can record and save progress in the meeting on Google Drive. Google is protecting its clients by making all data encrypted.

Cisco WebEx

Teachers are taking advantage of the collaboration technology of the Cisco WebEx to provide seamless education. Distance learning is made possible at your convenience. Student-Teacher can hold a face-to-face interaction, and use WebEx for imparting guidance to students remotely. The participants can share documents with end to end encryption.


Zoom provides easy installation of the app to the lecturers and students. It facilitates participants with instant screen sharing, audio, and videos. The premium plan allows the host to add up to 1,000 participants.

This online conferencing forum allows 100 sessions for free. The participants can enjoy 45 minutes per session.

Adobe Connect

Educational institutions have the option of organizing a virtual classroom by customizing the layouts. Adobe Connect provides multiple features such as white boarding, webinar, and breakout sessions. Additional features include tracking students via tests. Participants can access Adobe Connect directly from smartphones or desktops.

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