Exotic Honeymoon Beaches

Unwind Love at These 3 Exotic Honeymoon Beaches


Honeymoon Beaches

Long awaited day, your wedding day has arrived. Beautifully dressed, carving memories and you treasure each moment. Why not, after all, it’s your day, the day of your love. Post all those tedious rituals and an eye-catching glimpse of your groom, you are all set to fly off to your honeymoon trip.

But where?

True that you would be looking for a place that gives you and your partner the sizzling escape to fall in love. As you stroll across the internet looking for the best destination, from mountains to beaches, nature’s treat to adventurous escapes, you have a plentitude of options.

Ruling out your doubts, here I suggest you the top 3 beaches, and yes the honeymoon beaches to delight your stay and etch love on those sand dunes.

Beaches for You To Spare Romance

  • Bali, Indonesia

No doubt, Bali hails in the bucket list of all. But when it comes to couples and a romantic honeymoon, Bali is a lovers retreat. Embracing unmapped beauty, beaches in Bali are blessed with exotic flora and fauna. The pristine clear water complements the denim blue sky. Craft everlasting memories as you stroll across those sandy beaches. Turn your date into a day worth remembering, by setting out for a cruise dinner under the bed of moonlight. Hold your partner’s hand to walk underneath the sea and weave memories.

Bali Island Honeymoon Beaches
  • Harbour Island, Bahamas

A view that would leave you spellbound, the Harbour Island in the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful beaches offering a sense of intimacy to the couples. Lying on the beach, holding hands and pampering self with an exotic spa is all you will really need once you are at the island. The shimmery sun rays, fading noise of the turquoise water adds to your love as you walk across the beach hand in hand, eye to eye recreating love. A yacht ride is something you would love to indulge in with your loved one. Opt for a sunbath as you laze on the dunny beach, snorkel, and dive into the beach water to spend some of your time witnessing the Marine life.

Harbour Island Honeymoon Beaches

No doubt, Bora Bora is the best island across the globe and you would agree to this once you visit the beach. The bungalows hanging, waters aqua blue, and the shimmery shores, all add to your romance. Holding hands of your partner, walk across the beach, feel love winding in the air, opt for the sunset dates, and hop along to turn your honeymoon into a blissful one. And yes, do not forget to go Gaga while starting at the jet black sky with stars shining, even as you embrace each other with love. Surprise your partner with an unplanned boat ride on the turquoise water. Add adventure to your stay by looking for some black pearls or catching a glimpse of the coral lagoons, kayaking or a bicycle ride with your partner, thus turning your honeymoon into a highly romantic and pleasure-filled experience.

  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Bora Bora Island Honeymoon Beaches

So, which place do you find the most exciting? All the three honeymoon beaches in the world are truly exotic and can add magic to your love. They offer secluded ambiance, captivating and picturesque locations and plenty of opportunities for late night strolls, which makes them the ideal places to spice up your honeymoon and explore love.


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