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Best Green resorts

To compensate for all the loneliness and tedious hours you have gone through in this lockdown, you should plan a leisure trip to refresh your minds. With the government lifting the lockdown slowly, people are getting a green light to plan vacations. Getting locked down within the four walls for so many days was stressful to many people, but with a leisure trip, it can all just be forgotten.

Planning trips to places where one can experience nature’s beauty have always been a dream for all. Most people include this experience in their to-do list. Well, now it has got easy and affordable with the introduction of green resorts. The green resorts are eco-friendly and can give you an essence of nature. Getting to feel the essence of Earth’s nature is the best thing to do post-lockdown.

Want to have a beautiful nature’s ride then plan a trip in these green resorts post-lockdown:

1.  Sarai at Toria, Panna, Madhya Pradesh

Sarai at Toria, Panna, Madhya Pradesh

Sarai at Toria is situated in the grasslands on the west bank of the Ken River. The resort has cottages made from natural and hand-made elements; this type of cottages are generally known as rammed-earth mud cottages. This resort guarantees its guests a lifetime experience of nature’s beauty.

The dining area of this resort is river-facing, and people can get sights of Jackals, Jungle cat, Civet or mongoose from the dining area. The entire resort’s power supply depends on an in-house solar plant. You will not get any mineral water here, and only filtered water is available. Everything in this resort is done with the primary objective to give their guests an authentic experience of the natural environment. 

2.  Swaswara, Gokarna, Karnataka

Swaswara, Gokarna, Karnataka

Guests at Swaswara are meant to rise with the sun. The guests here start their day with a yoga class or Mandala meditation, and this will help the guests to achieve peace of mind. The long walks along the Om Beach in this resort can give you some memories for a lifetime.

The breakfast served here is purely organic and healthy; they usually serve fruit and veggies juices in breakfast. The resort covers a total of 26 acres of land from which only 11 acres are used for architectural properties, and the rest land is covered with flora and fauna. The resort’s swimming pool uses harvested rainwater only. This resort is one of the best options available to experience living with Earth’s flora and fauna.

3.  Elephant Valley, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Green Resorts - elephant valley

Guests residing in the Elephant Valley’s Bungalow often get the opportunity to get a sight on elephants while having their morning coffees. Sights of elephants in their natural ecosystem have always been a treat to the eyes of animal lovers. The coffee here is made from the coffee beans harvested from the 45-acre pesticide-free coffee plantation.

The resort also harvests avocado, sweet lime, pepper, guava and lemons in their large organic farms. The resort has 20 beautifully designed rooms which were built using woods from reclaimed doors and windows. The room also has cast-iron stoves for shivering nights.

4.  Kipling Camp, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

 Kipling Camp, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

This camp runs with the support of the Baiga Tribal community because of a cooperative they had established in the past. Meals are served under Mahua trees, on a patio or even under stars here. The guests of this resort can experience tiger safari or bird-sighting tours with the resort’s experienced naturalist.

The Kipling has 15 rooms constructed with local materials. They also have one villa from which you can get the sight of a waterhole.

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