Times Of An Epidemic

How to Travel With Caution in Times of An Epidemic


Travel With Caution

Who knew that your most important business trip or your most desired vacation abroad would transform into the most horrifying nightmare?  Go ahead!  You can give all the credit to the recent epidemic that has occurred around the globe.  Initially, everybody including you did not give too much significance to this illness.  You thought that everything would be alright really soon, and you would not be remotely affected by it.  However, you must know that every ailment that infects 15 people out of 100,000 within a span of two consecutive weeks takes the shape of an epidemic.

Of course!  You are sensible enough not to venture out of your native town during a time of crisis, but this epidemic has caught you unaware.  You had no clue that the epidemic would spread like wildfire, and before you could act, you are stranded in an unknown territory, away from your family members.  

Travel With Caution

You are desperately running from pole to pillar to get back home safely.  At the same time, deep down in your heart you are asking yourself again and again if it is safe to travel when the epidemic is widespread.   Here are some words of caution that you would not want to throw out of the window if traveling is of utmost importance during the time of an epidemic.

Travel Solo

The epidemic has brought the world to a standstill.  It has forced manic lifestyles to slow down.   If all your life you wished to travel solo, but never got the chance, then now is the time.  To lower the possibility of contracting the epidemic, nothing can be better than traveling solo sans co-passengers.  It will not only prove to be safe, but you will get some time to spend with yourself.   It would be a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better.

Long Drive

If you love to go on a long drive, then consider this as a blessing in disguise during the outbreak of the epidemic.   You would not consider driving long distances as an option on any regular day since it is time-consuming and expensive.   Now you have a chance to enjoy the empty roads, smell the fresh air, and glance at nature outside your car window.

Amidst the fear of contracting the virus, it would not be a bad idea to book a personal cab for yourself to travel back home.  Considering that all the flights and trains are being canceled, driving is a sure-shot way to reach your destination.  However, you must ensure that you sanitize the cab thoroughly before making yourself comfortable.  It goes without saying that you also need to take precautions by maintaining an adequate distance from the cab driver and ensuring proper hand hygiene throughout your journey.

Oversea Travel

Wouldn’t you wish that you had your hot air balloon where there were no co-passengers?  The view over the mountain and above the waterfalls would make your journey so overwhelming.   Although this would definitely reduce your risk of getting infected to zero, fantasizing is not going to get you anywhere.  You can check with the airlines if there is an option for a private jet, with less number of passengers.   Despite the fact that you have to shell out some extra money, let us consider the universal truth that health is real wealth.  

Irrespective of all said and done you must adopt social distancing and play it safe by using an alcohol-based hand rub after regular intervals.  Stay alert and identify unhealthy passengers who could be the carrier of the deadly virus.   Although you miss your family members terribly, it would be best to avoid contact with them and voluntarily self-quarantine yourself for the next fourteen days as a precautionary measure.  You would not want to be the reason for making your loved ones sick.  Be a responsible adult and follow the advisory.

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