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Top 10 technology shaping the Indian IT market

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The market doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. It keeps moving and evolving. With technology advancing at a rapid phase, new trends appear each week. However, only a handful of these technologies are able to make an impact on the market. Normally, such lists are always dominated by the same technology for the past few years. But this time around, we will not just list the name but also tell how they have shaped the market, and its effect in the future. So strap to take a dive in the future:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: AI has been around even before the internet. However, it hasn’t been put to use since. But times are changing, and India is among the top 5 countries with most AI-driven startups. Even the government is planning to invest in AI as they are planning to digitalization all governmental processes.
  2. BlockChain: This is the technology behind cryptocurrency. However, cryptocurrency hasn’t been popular in India yet. But blockchain is a different concept with its far-reaching potential. A lot of blockchain patent has emerged in India and specifically in Fintech and healthcare ecosystem.
  3. AR takeover VR: Virtual Reality was the thing of the future in the past few years, but it seems the technology has reached its limit. Now it looks Argument Reality has taken over the Indian market. With new healthcare and edtech startups actively using AR to improve the current system.
  4. Cloud Computing: Now, cloud computing is being around for a long time. Tech companies are using them to save money and cater to customers’ needs using it. The reason we put it on the list is that it has evolved to help new startups to perform their operations and provide security.
  5. Angular, React, and Flutter: These are programming languages that are equipping developers to do innovative things. All of these are open-source libraries that are being used to create dynamic websites, mobile applications at a faster and efficient speed.
  6. DevOps: This is an odd one on the list. However, it is driving the IT market by delivering continuous support to enterprises, especially in complex It related problems. It is favored by the Indian IT market because it has an automated infrastructure and workforce.
  7. Internet of Things (IoT): This is another technology that has now developed in a fully pledged market, especially in India. Reports suggest that IoT related businesses will have a $12 billion IoT opportunity in 2020. This is a massive market, and it will only grow from here. IoT has penetrated the manufacturing and Transport and Logistics sector.
  8. Intelligent Apps (I – Apps): These are apps that are created using AI and machine learning technology. They are involved in organizing and prioritizing emails, scheduling emails, etc. A few examples of I-Apps are Chatbots and virtual assistants.
  9. Big Data: This is nothing but processing, analysis, and find trends in huge data. This might not seem to you like a big deal, but Germany used it to win the World Cup. So, we are sure it works, and it has been adopted in various sectors of the Indian market, especially finance.
  10. RPA (Robotic Process Automation): A lot of desk work in any industry is repetitive work that needs to be repeated each and every day. Using RPA, we will be able to do these repetitive jobs, and you don’t have to write any code for it. The technology is still developing in India, but with big players interested and growth imminent, it will change the landscape of the Indian IT market in the future.

These are technologies that have shaped the Indian IT market in the few years or are in the process of doing so. Keep an eye on them, and if presented an opportunity, try understanding and working in them. As they are clearly the future.

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