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Laptop for Travelling – Tips to pick the perfect travel laptop!

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Guess it is so easy to stay at home, cuddle in a cozy blanket, turn up Netflix, chew on chips and just not do anything the whole day. But then you realize that you have a bucket list of all those places you want to travel to and you have not yet ticked them off. You need to work towards turning your wishes into a reality, in order for you to live your dreams.

We all go through different phases in our lives -some of them make us feeling secure, some happy and then there comes that phase when we are hit by reality and we become a real ‘badass’. For instance, in our late 20s, we always feel the urge to experience new situations. While there may be many reasons behind that urge, what is important is to work towards it and in the process emptying your bucket list by choosing to live your dreams of travelling this world.

Undeniably, we are living in a digital age where we cannot live without a laptop and it is true even where we are on the move. So a Travel Laptop becomes the life saver in a situation, when you want to travel but also stay in touch with every aspect of your life.

Now the question that ensues is how to pick up a suitable laptop for traveling. So here we come up with a few tips to select the perfect laptop for traveling –

  • Focusing on the SIZE & WEIGHT of the laptop

You need a laptop while globetrotting which should be light and can be carried easily. A laptop of 11″ or 13″ size is a perfect choice for a traveler, since it is a perfect balance of the screen size and the weight. A 10″ tablet does sound good if you are using it merely for social media, but if you are planning to put your office load in it that you might just need a laptop. Laptops with wide screens are quite difficult to handle and they are not behind in occupying large space.

  • Considering the MEMORY and RAM

As a result of your frequent travels, you accumulate a large amount of photos, write-ups, videos and travel tutorials. To store all of them you need a good amount of space in your laptop and it is advisable to go for a laptop with 16GB RAM; but if you are just using it for some basic things like checking email or doing social media on the web, then a 4GB RAM laptop would suffice.

Ram and harddisk for laptop

Furthermore, you can also sign up for any of the cloud services available today for storing all your travel data.

  • Going for the right FORM FACTOR

You will also find many laptops today that are convertible in nature, in which the screen will rotate 360 degrees. Another type is the foldable type, which ensures that a laptop can be used as a tablet, tent and stand or simply as a laptop. This is an added feature for many travelers as they can now use their laptops as per their requirement.

laptop sizes--Laptop for Travelling

  • Looking into the BATTERY life

Knowing about the health of a battery is important, as there exists no quick method to recharge your device without plugging in to an electricity source. This turns out to be a big hurdle when you are traveling as it is not always easy to keep it plugged in when you are traveling out and about. So go for a laptop with a long battery life.

battery for laptop

  • Knowing the PROCESSOR Speed

If you are looking for fulfilling some basic stuff using a laptop like checking email, web, social media or streaming a video then any latest computer processor will work. But if you are doing some serious photo editing or making tutorials, you will need something that’s strong enough to run without the device getting hanged very often. So you need a good processor which will not slow down your system.

processors for laptops



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