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“This is my December
This is my time of the year
This is my December
This is all so clear”

This song by Linkin Park is exactly how I feel about the month of December. It is amazing how I have never lived a bad December all my life. All Delhiiites love December because it is never dull. This is the month when the weather shows mercy on us. We brave the heat; we survive months of humidity. So, when we get our share of relaxation in the form of December, we like to make the best of it. Being the quintessential Delhiiite that I am, I did so too when I got a call from my school friends for a weekend getaway in the December of 2016.

Bored of the same life, breaking the monotony and taking a break seemed like a killer idea. At 30, no other thing would make me as happy as the thought of reuniting with my school buddies over the weekend. Since then, every message on the Whatapp group ‘Terrific Trinity’ was looked out for. It was formed when the three of us got married.

This outing was going to be nothing less than a tribute to our decade and a half year old friendship. We became friends when we were children and now we are mothers to little children. The thought alone brought a smile on my face; I could only imagine how amazing it would be to finally share a room with my girl gang after so long.

We zeroed down the destination and it wasn’t a tough choice. The Treehouse Hotel, Club & SPA in Bhiwadi is probably the closest and the best weekend getaway from Delhi (approx 80kms).

We decided to drive down to this city in Rajasthan. Within only a little over two hours of non-stop chit chatting in the car, we were standing on the gates of our resort. The entrance looked green and plush. We were welcomed by the staff almost immediately. The resort was airy, warm and spacious. A welcome change from the mad city we were coming from.

Treehouse Hotel Entrance

The most exciting part of any stay has to be the accommodation. My curiosity lead to my room on the first floor and I realised the quality of air had changed. My eyes could only see a blue sky when I looked above and green grass when I looked below.

The hotel allowed the five of us in ONE room-three adults and two toddlers, both two-years-old. They were kind enough to provide an extra bed too. The room was lovely. It had a little lounge area parallel to a large sized bed–just perfect to make the stay comfortable and worthwhile.

Hotel Room

All our meals were at “Chips and Chapati”-a multi cuisine restaurant in the resort. The buffet was spread with a lavish arrangement of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The seating capacity and arrangement was quite impressive too. We were served on our tables since we could hardly move with two little kids around.


The following day was the day we enjoyed the most. The resort has a kid’s play area out in the open and an indoor option as well if the weather isn’t kind. This area is air conditioned for a comfortable time for the kids. It is huge, with colourful walls, toys and a projector for children’s rhymes and stories. The outdoor of the resort looks splendid with a beautiful garden area. It also has a swimming pool that adds to the charm.

beautiful garden area

The two-night stay was enjoyable because of the warm and welcoming staff that readily agreed to almost all our demands. The most memorable moments were spent on the elevated courtyard in the chilly weather sipping hot coffee after sumptuous meals.

elevated courtyard

I often thank God for such memories but I can’t thank him enough for such amazing friends and for bestowing us with luxury that not everyone is blessed with.

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– Meenakshi Besoya

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