Technology Convergence in Creating Better Lives For People As We Venture into 2020

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It is often believed that the present is pregnant with the future. Technology resonates through our lives, much more than you realize it. As we are moving forward, technology and our life are intertwined even more. With all these technological advances converging together, our life is being shaped for the better as we venture into our future.

Technology Convergence

Technology Convergence

For example, 30 years ago when students used to write research papers, they used to rely on the information given in the books present in the school library. However, now they can find almost everything on the internet now. Technology has completely changed the way we operate today then we used to do 10-15 years ago. We are on the verge of another technical revolution as we about to step in 2020. Here I am naming a few technology themes that will shape a better life for you.

1.    Health

Many of the deadly diseases which used to kill hundreds of people are soon becoming non-existent. In this cycle, dementia and Alzheimer’s cease to exist soon as well. New technology also ensured that cancer treatment won’t have any side effect and it will be less painful than before. With massive progress in genome engineering, Type 1 diabetes will completely preventable. Such has been the technology advancement that doctors can predict which diseases and health problems are at risk for an individual by performing a couple of simple steps.

2.    Information about Disasters 

Before the internet, it was almost impossible to know for definite what was happening across the globe. Information used to travel very late often after months or years. Now people are made aware of any disaster or crisis on the go with the help of internet, and this is taken a step further with satellite phone which can work even in an apocalyptic situation and help warn people of the incoming dangerous and how to avoid them.

3.    Education

Education traditionally tends to stay inside a classroom. Then it slowly moves out of it with practical, correspondence and now e-learning. With E-learning becoming more prevalent, students can learn thousands of courses and degree online just as effectively as they would have in a traditional classroom. The best part is that with free internet access and smartphones, students can learn anything at anytime from anywhere they want from now on.

4.    Face Recognition and Motion Sensor

Mobile is the first to incorporate face recognition and motion sensor nowadays. Soon, you would be able to these features almost in everything you see. Like your TV, laptop, even the door of your house will be opened by your face, and any unwanted attempt to enter will be blocked. You can control all these apps by your motions and gestures. Although this can make people even, lazier people would now more time to do other work. Not only this, security would be tighter as well, and the crime rate would reduce significantly. 

5.    Virtual Reality

Many of us can’t travel to a foreign land due to various issues, but with the introduction of Virtual Reality, people can now travel to new places in their home. Virtual Reality was mostly used for gaming up to a few years ago, but now new research has shown it can be used to take people to new places. Soon people can travel all around the world while sitting in the comfort of their home and experience life like never before.

All of these are just a few technology inventions; there are more in the pipeline which is ready to shape human life for good as we venture into 2020.


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