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Technology has Augmented communication in moments of crisis.

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How tech has augmented communication during the pandemic ?

Technology plays the most vital role in everyone’s life. Truly, one cannot imagine a life without being in touch with any kind of technology. Everyone is so dependent on one or the other technology for their day to day personal or professional works. here is how technology has augmented communication

During the crisis and the disasters that took place, which generally occur without any previous warnings, people seem to be helpless at that particular time as they are not allowed to go anywhere and have been put under some strict order and regulations which have to be followed by each person living in a society so that one can deal with the disaster and crisis at that particular moment.

At that time, communication plays a vital role in everyone’s life as the only choice left to the people is to be engaged in several kinds of technologies. Technologies help a lot to have communication during any crisis arises then. Mobile phones seem to be the best communication facility during a crisis that allows people to be in touch with their loved ones. The interest of people keeps on rising in technology at the time of crisis. Hence the value of communication technology generally rises during an emergency.  


Since nowadays, coronavirus seems to be a big disaster in the whole world. Many people are suffering from the effect of coronavirus disease and feeling so much danger. Due to this many severe steps had been taken, to get out of the crucial disasters, i.e. mainly the lockdown all over the world. So in such kind of crisis, people become entirely dependent on the technologies that help them to communicate with one another at such a crucial time.

The value of the technologies increases during the crisis as all the essential information should be acquired only through these technologies only. Students got dependent on online lectures for their courses and stay in touch through online socializing only.

Work from home should be a significant step that has been taken at the time of crisis. It is only possible with information and communication technology. Work from home has been done by video conferencing etc. so during the crisis, there is an increase in the use of communication technology. For that, the companies that work with the help of several kinds of technologies must take proper care of providing the facilities and all the technologies must be upgraded.

People become so much dependent on technologies at the moment of crisis. The only choice left with the person, to perform their essential tasks and works, is to be dependent on the technologies by taking the help of several gadgets. Some of the devices that are continuously in use at the time of crisis are mobile phones, laptops, television and many more. So this only leads to the augmentation of all the technologies at the time of crisis.


As natural crises and disasters strike with high density, so the need for effective technology has increased during these crises.

  1. The use of social media has been increased for quick alerts.
  2. Crisis management has also been improved with certain mobile apps that help a lot at the moment of crisis.
  3. Technologies have become the only backup plan for communicating at the time of crisis.
  4. Technologies will become significant platforms for resource management and information management during the crisis.

This is also about how technologies have augmented communications in moments of crisis.

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