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Tech to The Rescue

If you own a company or business, then it is certain to expect some unforeseen circumstances during the long run. By unforeseen circumstances, we can refer to any type of situation that can affect the functioning of a company. Some of them can be, economic depression, political disturbance, major changes in rules and regulations, epidemic or pandemic across the country, etc.

Tech to The Rescue technology

If we consider the year 2020, then it won’t be wrong to say that coronavirus infection can be considered as one of the biggest pandemics ever. Many new companies and brands were getting born, the existing companies were diversifying their products and economic condition of many countries was getting better with technology. But suddenly, due to the pandemic, most of the companies are facing complete lockdown now. It is for the first time in history, that almost all of companies are bound to run their business from home.

Companies are using technology to a great extent to make sure that they do not suffer many losses due to the lockdown. Let us discuss some of the major technologies or technology platforms that are helping companies to fight such unforeseen circumstances.

Virtual Workplaces

A virtual office can help a company or business to carry on its work with all the employees working together. In this case, the employees need not go physically to their workplace. Companies also connect to their employees through group chats, group video calls, emails, etc. For running a virtual office, we need the support of other platforms too such as project management solutions, marketing solutions, communication tools, HR management solutions, etc.

All of these can help the company to solve any type of problem that they face in connecting with their employees remotely. Virtual workplaces mostly requires the company to encourage and motivate their employees rather than just putting a lot of work pressure on them.

Digitized Education

Many educational institutions such as schools and colleges face problems in providing education to their students due to the lockdown. Education is very important for young generation and children of our country. Not providing education for a longer period of time can affect the careers of students to a great extent.

So, to overcome this problem in education, schools and colleges are following digitized education technology. Some of the educational institutions use their own platforms while others use any secondary or outsourced platform.

Major schools and colleges appoint their teachers or professors to teach their student online or through virtual classes. Separate content and presentation slides are prepared for the students to make sure that they gain more interest in studying their subjects.

Educational institutions use many education solutions such as school / college management software, mobile learning, e- learning solutions, library management solutions, AR/VR based learning, etc. This solutions can help to increase the learning experience of students to a great extent.

Digital Commerce

Lockdown also affects the shopping malls, boutiques, outlets, etc. The brands or companies face difficulty to sell their items to the customers through their stores.

In such situation, e-commerce plays a vital role in bridging the gap between the seller and the buyer. Customer can place orders for any essential items that they want by being in their comfort zone or at home. But just like other platforms, e-commerce also uses many other services for its smooth functioning such as data analytics, ERP solutions, payment gateways, inventory management system, etc. The customer can use any mode for ordering his products such as phone call, mobile application, laptop, chat, etc.

Software-powered Financial Services

Most of the people regularly visit banks or ATMs for their daily transaction needs. During lockdown, customers can face many problems with transaction of their savings or current amount, payment of insurance, loans etc.

So, the digital payment solutions are helping the financial institutions to overcome this problem. Customers can use many type of digital financial services such as POS machines, net banking, mobile applications, digital wallets, etc. All of these platforms are highly developed to ensure the security of the payments or any digital transactions done by the customers. The financial systems also take support of chatbots, loan management software, digital payment solutions, etc. to run smoothly.

Technology-enabled Healthcare

Like other platforms, many hospitals are following highly enabled healthcare systems to ensure quick and efficient services to a large group of people at a time. Robotics , artificial intelligence and technology play a major role in providing such services to patients.

It is evident that telemedicine has brought a revolution in the healthcare system. The healthcare system uses many solution for its high performance such as mobile healthcare, patient engagement solutions, hospital management solutions, etc.

Thus, we see that no matter a company belongs to which sector, if any unforeseen circumstance arrives, then it uses the technology to a major extent for running smoothly. Technology plays a vital role by giving strength to face any type of situation that arrives.

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