Tech Stocks to Invest In Future

Tech Stocks to Invest In Future

Tech companies are on the rise, and you never know when another Microsoft or Apple will rise from the garage. With each emerging company hailed as the next big. So, it is not hard to find tech stocks which could shoot in the sky.

However, it is hard to bet your hard-earned money on these stocks which face stern competition in today’s market. Hence, we have screened out some of the upcoming tech companies for you to invest in the future.

  • Veeva Systems:  The cloud stocks have remained stable in the ongoing trade war. This has benefitted Veeva systems which have been its bigger rivals during this period. Veeva offers its cloud services to approximately 750 life science companies, including Novartis and GSK. Many experts suggest that the company will only grow in the current trade war.
  • Garmin: Garmin has become an example of under promising and delivering big. The Navigation giants have a record profit in the last three years. In a time where automotive GPS unit market is shrinking. With the company diverse portfolio, the investment seems to be the right option.
  • Tencent: You might be surprised to see Tencent in the list after its shares went down by 11% in the first quarter of 2019. However, the period also coincided with record earnings. But the stocks are sure to rise particularly due to Chinese investment and introduction of new gaming console.
  • Synopsys: AI is the theme at the moment in the tech company. Synopsys is a company that is developing AI chips. In other words, Synopsys is the arms dealer for AI and anything related to AI. Both of which demands will increase in the future and so will its stocks. Hence, this is a good time to invest in its stocks.
  • Adesto Technologies Corporation: This is a company that makes semiconductors and embedded systems for the internet of Things (IoT) devices. Their product range from medical to industrial equipment. The company is gaining since its last fiscal year and is expected to grow more.
  • Glu Mobile Inc: This is a global mobile game developer and publisher. It has some big names under its belts such as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Deer Hunter, and MLB Tap Sports Baseball. The company is set to announce its WWE sponsored Mobile game and another Disney game in the pipeline. This will make their stock red hot in coming weeks
  • Vipshop Holdings Limited: This Chinese based company sells popular brands product at a discount. The first quarter of 2019 saw Vipshop revenue increased by 7.3%, and its total active members increased by 14%. The only downside is it sells mostly regional brand. This can be a safe bet for quick cash if you invest quickly.
  • Rapid7: Rapid has earned quite a name for itself in cybersecurity space. It is due to its unique data and analytics-driven approach to cybersecurity. After its recent smart acquisition of Komand, the company has a bright future. This is one of the safest long-term tech stocks in the market, which is sure to grow with time.
  • Splunk: It is a big data software company. It turns machine data into answers and develop various software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data, via a web-style interface. Splunk is making major headways in the business and is expected to gain even more grounds until the end of the year.
  • Micron: We finish with another chip making company. With humans dependence increasing on technology, we need someone to carry those data securely. Micron is developing a chip which is able to do so. With their sophisticated in-house experts, we believe they will reach their target soon. So, it is wise to buy their shares when it is cheap.

These are ten tech-based companies who futures seem to be bright and so can be yours if you buy their stocks.


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