Tech savvy fairer sex

The Tech savvy fairer sex

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The Tech savvy Women

Women have long jumped into the tech bandwagon leaving behind men in the arena of technology or gadgets. Men have now lost their monopoly, as women are fast becoming more confident with technology and electronic gadgets. With the turn of the century the ratio of modern working women has been increasing and with it their desire to own new gadgets. 

Today, a woman has become the new decision maker of the family, especially when it comes to buying the latest technology based gadgets. Women use gadgets to communicate with her friends on facebook and other social media platforms. She also uses the modern day gadgets for shopping frequently, grooming herself, locating services, making video calls and even taking medical advice for family and friends. 

In US majority of the cell phone users are women who use it for fun, dating, cooking, reading, banking and gaming.  Earlier women were not that avid gamers but that scenario has completely changed today. They indulge in games like angry birds and Farmville, thereby raising the percentage of women gamers by almost 40%. The fairer sex is now constantly looking towards improving and simplifying life so this tech inclined women is happier when gifted a gadget rather than a piece of jewellery or clothes.

Technology has also simplified the life of a working woman. For instance in Singapore, working women often send their maids to schools so that they become technology savvy and trouble-shooters for their household.

Gadgets women cherish and would love to own

Power banks – Today, women would love to own power banks as they provide them with enough battery backup for enjoying endless conversations with their loved ones over cell phones.

lipstik power bank for tech savvy

Earplugs – She loves music at any point of time and would prefer small yet chic earplugs that can be carried effortlessly in a pocket or purse. The Philips SHQ3300 is definitely one her best companions while travelling, as it features adjustable ear hooks for a secure fit  and is highly affordable at INR 925/-

Ear Phones for tech savvy

Fitness band – One of the most sought-after gadgets for any woman who is also a fitness freak. Fitbit charge 2 is one of the best brands of fitness bands available in the market today. Fashionable yet reasonably priced at INR 2901/-

Fitness Fitbit Band for tech savvy

Wireless Headphones – nothing better than the wireless headphones for the modern-day women who must multitask.  A music loving woman would any day prefer a music gadget, which would enable her to listen to music while cooking or doing her usual chores.

Wireless Headphones for tech savvy

Portable Wireless Speakers – A woman would never mind getting freedom from and a portable wireless speaker can certainly provide her with that.  She can enjoy crystal clear music anytime and anywhere she wants to. Whether its FM or any song of her choice, PTron Ultra Pill Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker is definitely a good choice at an amazing price of INR 499/-

Wireless Speaker for tech savvy music lover

Photo Printer – Sometimes it’s fun to have your pictures printed rather than keeping them in your phone. HP Sprocket is one such device that prints 2/3 easy to stick and customizable pictures as and when you want, since it is small sized as well as easy to carry.

In the end, we must give three cheers to these gadget freak women. Keep shopping for your favourite gadgets and be technically sound!


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