wild woyages

Into the ‘Woyages’ of clicking the Wild!

A community of wildlife photographers, naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists, Wild Woyages was founded in 2015 to be a platform to showcase photography talent irrespective of whether they are professionals or amateurs. ‘Woyages’ – yes you heard it right! The word “woyages” was chosen purposely with a “W” in the beginning instead of “V” as […]

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Jayanth Sharma Wild Photographer

Jayanth Sharma – a wildlife shutterbug’s story of adventure and passion

Hailing from a family with a photography background, following in the footsteps of his father to start a career in photography would have been a natural progression for Jayanth Sharma. Instead he joined the IT industry in 2004 as a graphic designer.  3 years into it and having realized his ‘true calling’ Jayanth decided to […]

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