Prepare easy and short recipes During Work From Home

Easy and short recipes From the inception of lockdown in the country to now, most of the offices have initiated a work from home procedure to resume their regular duties. However, being occupied with the same amount of office work and deadlines, while juggling the cooking chores became challenging for many. So, it is extremely […]

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No Bake Delicious Biscoff Cheesecake Recipe

Biscoff cheesecake recipe Biscoff cheesecake appears to have currently gained a lot of. It’s also known as Lotus Biscoff, and it’s a type of delicious cookie from Belgium with a deep caramel flavour. Originally famous as a cookie or biscuit in Europe, it has swiftly become a worldwide current flavour. This Lotus Biscoff cheesecake transforms […]

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Coconuty egg salad with butter sandwich

Testy Coconuty Eggelacious Salad with Butter Sandwich Recipe 2022

Eggs are wonderful. They are my savior for all occasions. They blend in with anything and everything, that whenever I am running out of time they are my first option. And my fridge never runs of that core necessity. So, the other day, after a long tiring day at office, I wasn’t really in the […]

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