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Enjoy Your Stay at the Taj Bengal in Kolkata during the Festival of Durga Puja

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Hotel Taj Bengal in Kolkata

Kolkata the Capital of West Bengal, as we all know is an ethnic city, rich in heritage and culture.  Each and every corner of the street sings Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti.  Every single individual of this city is deeply engrossed in the spirit of dance, song and art.  Hence, in October 2015, we decided to experience the galore of Durga Puja in its city of origin. 

We boarded Sealdah Duronto from New Delhi Railway Station on the 17th of October and the very next morning we reached our final destination-Kolkata.This was to be one of the most wonderful and amazing experiences of my life and I was much excited about it.

Hotel Taj Kolkata

We decided to stay at Kolkata’s famous Taj Hotel, wherein I got the opportunity to personally experience everything that people have to say about the famous chain of hotels in India

In its true sense, Taj proves its Tajness and makes their guests feel on top of the world.  Though we had reached much before the check-in time and stood apprehended whether we would be accommodated without a prior notice, the instant cooperation and the humbleness shown by the Front office staff left all of us spellbound.  They went out of their way to help me check-in early.

As I continued to explore the grandeur of the prestigious property further, I realized that Taj Bengal has created a niche for itself in the hotel & catering industry. The Royal Taj Bengal, situated near the famous Alipore Zoo in Alipore Road across the road gives special attention to their guests.

Furthermore, the grandeur of the prestigious Taj Bengal that has created a niche for itself among all the luxurious properties is magnificent in every sense. Every guest is given that special magnanimous attention that they are craving for while entering into such a royal hotel.  With the fragmented sandalwood garlands and tilak adorning your forehead, you begin to experience that majestic feeling that leaves you craving for more.  A visit to such a majestic property during Durga Puja is altogether an eccentric affair.  The beautiful alpona (which is a specialty of every Bengali household) glorifying the floors of the hotel and the staff in their alluring traditional attire creates the path for you to reach Goddess Durga.

Durga Puja Kolkata

With the very first step inside the hotel, you will notice the puja fragrance and smoke from the incense that has a unique scent of its own. These incense sticks are regularly used by people of Bengali origin during Durga puja and other popular festivals.The glowing face filled with the gaiety and cheerfulness all around you will remind you that you mustshed all your inhibitions, emotional strains and join them in merrymaking. This automatically brings a smile on the faces of the guests, even those who have little to no knowledge about the significance of the occasion.

The entire city is immersed within the subtle savour of Rajnigandhaas well as the lights, which are like glittering stars in the night. Dressed up in their finest of attire, the buoyant faces are out on the roads, walking down miles with contentment and prompting them to enjoy their blissful moments that shall never ever return. Hundreds and thousands of pandal hoppers enjoy their share of phuckas, aalookabli, egg roll, mutton kobiraji and fish cutlet.  These smacky dishes are worth enjoying to your heart’s content.

Sonar Gaon Taj Bengal Kolkata

The lighting, the idols and the concept of the theme Pujo that is being followed by every Bengali in different parts of India will not only give you the joy of refined understanding and appreciation of culture but will also leave you feeling amazed about the country’s rich tradition and history.

Enjoying the real flavor of Puja without the culinary journey is incomplete and it is cardinal to mention Sonar Gaon in Taj Bengal, as it offers some of the most scrumptious grills and cuts accompanied by traditional music.  Amidst the contrived floors, mud walls and the show kitchen, you will get plenty of opportunities to appreciate the splendours of ‘Zamindaripratha’ wherein you can just sit back, relax and discover the traditional culinary antiquities at their best.

Taj Bengal Kolkata - Sanjukta

So, if you haven’t explored this beautiful city in India, then you must pay a visit to Kolkata at least once in your lifetime and acquaint yourself with the city as well as the resplendent occasion of Durga Puja.


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  1. Very article for me as i myself stay in delhi…and am right now in kolkata just to enjoy food. Yes durga puja is one of thise cultural icons that give brngalis something to be proud off. U decribed those precious moments with such a precision and felicity that makes them enlivened and vivacious. Ur article just like Taj created a niche in my heart.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging notes. This would surely boost up my imagination to pen down more articles.

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