Soyabean Chaat

Soyabean Chaat

Quick Recipe

Soyabean Chaat packed with the goodness of protein and vitamins are something which you enjoy eating as a meal on its own. And if weight loss is on your mind, there can be nothing better than making this delicious chaat. 

Very easy to make and would take hardly 10 minutes, this is also the perfect snack to treat your guests any day.

I am sure you must be already excited to know the list of ingredients needed for making this amazing recipe.

Ingredients Required for making Soyabean Chaat:

Soyabean Chaat Ingredient

1. Soyabean: 2 cups (soaked overnight)

2. Jhaal Moori: 1 cup (you can use a spicy namkeen of your choice)

3. Banana: 1

4. Apple: 1/2

5. Black Grapes: 1/4th cup

6. Green Grapes: 1/4th cup

7. Greek Yogurt: 1 cup

8. Chaat Masala: 2 tsps

9. Lemon Juice: 1tsp

10. Sweet Chilly Sauce: 2 Tbsp

11. Olive Oil: 1 tsp

12. Jeera: 1 tsp

Instructions on how to make Soyabean Chaat

Preparations to be done for the chaat

1. Drain all the water and keep Soyabean aside.

2. Chop all the fruits in small pieces.

Let’s start making Soyabean Chaat

1. Heat olive oil in kadhai and add jeera. Cook the raw soyabean for about 5 minutes and let it cool before mixing other ingredients.

2. In the next step take a big bowl and add soyabean.

3. Now add Jhaal Moori and all the chopped fruits.

4. Then add greek yogurt.

5. In the last step add lemon juice and chaat masala. Also add the sweet chilly sauce.

6. Mix all the ingredients properly and serve topped with some more sauce and chaat masala.

The super amazing and tasty Soyabean Chaat is ready to be enjoyed. You would definitely enjoy this flavourful and healthy chaat.


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