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A few tips every girl should consider before getting their ideal smartphone!

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Smartphone buying guide that every girl should consider

Being a girl is not so easy. They all have one confusing spiral of perfection encircling their thoughts. Girls always have a different choice in everything they want to buy. No matter whether it is about gadgets, clothes, fashion related stuff or something else, they always have something extraordinary set in their minds.

Usually, most of them update themselves by following the trends set by their opinion leaders. Like for instance, nowadays smartphones are in great trend. Talking about the best smartphone for girls, it ought to have stylish and attractive designs along with luring color combinations. Not only this, girls are especially fond of clicking selfies and not every one of them are technical savvy by nature. The purchased smartphone must be as handy and durable as possible to keep the life of a girl hassle free. Apart from that all, there should be a higher RAM capacity as girls are too forgetful to shut down the operating apps.

smartphone buying guide

Too many options would for sure dump you in a bag full of confusion. So here are a few tips to select your ‘girly’ smartphone –

  • Attractive size and appearance

As size makes a smartphone look classier, so buy a phone with a screen larger than 5.5 inches. Size with eye catching color make it look more defined. Phone-makers are now making big-screen phones, such as the 5.8-inch which can fit in human hand easily and make it look more attractive.

  • Security features

Girls store many confidential and private details like id, password for all social media logins, bank details, and many more things in their phone. This is the reason why the security factor needs to be taken strongly into consideration. With new fingerprint security features, all smartphones are secured today. There is one problem-solving button present in their phone which will help them to connect with local security during any emergency. Nowadays, Windows have an Irish scanning technology but it becomes a bit odd to use while you are in a crowded place.

  • A Great battery life

A phone should have a long lasting battery life because we all know that girls love to talk more and more! The battery must be at least 3500 mAh or more so that it can withstand the great expectations of a girl. So, a smartphone used by a girl requires a very brilliant battery life.

  • Best Camera for pictures

A Smartphone that is specially designed for girls should carry everything in a little extra amount. As they love clicking pictures so it must have a good camera besides anything else. Paying attention to minor specifications such as aperture and special features make it look dynamic. Currently, we have reached a point in smartphone evolution where the camera quality matters more than its processor, especially considering most people use their smartphones as their primary camera.

  • A good capacity to store

As girls click thousands of pictures to get just one perfect click to display on social media, so considering that, the smartphone must carry some extra memory to store those extra files, pictures, and music. The minimum storage on most premium handsets these days is 32GB. A microSD card can help you expand your storage.

Last but not least, girls today have the options of decorating their phones with new 3D cases with various vibrant colors which will make the phone look more sassy and classy.

So when are you buying your new smartphone?



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