Technology Changed Our Lives in the Kitchen

Smart Kitchens: How Has Technology Changed Our Lives ?

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Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchen appliances have transformed the way we prepare or store food in our kitchens today. From innovatively designed chopping boards to smart technology enabled kettles, ovens, refrigerators, cooktops and more, our kitchen appliances are way more advanced than what they were a few decades ago. According to a report, the smart appliances industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the past couple of years and grown into a 9 billion dollar industry from a mere 40 million dollar market. In fact, market experts are of the opinion that the smart appliances industry may soon touch the 26 billion dollar mark by the end of 2019.

So, what have they really done?

Apart from making our lives easier, smart kitchen appliances have drastically reduced our cooking time in the kitchen. As a result, what you could prepare in around one and a half hours in the kitchen earlier can now be easily achieved in half an hour or less.

In addition to this, technology-enabled kitchen appliances have also changed the way we prepare and store food today. For instance, your refrigerators and ovens have undergone massive design and functionality improvement in the fast few years. A number of popular fridge manufacturing companies have introduced smart fridges with multi-temperature storage drawers.

Ovens, on the other hand, inform you when the meat or cake is fully prepared and is ready to be served. Kitchen apps have also found their way into the kitchen and an increasing number of people are using it to control their smart kitchen appliances in just a couple of taps. Many women today are turning to their smartphones and tablets to watch food videos to prepare sumptuous meals for their kids and other family members.

Smart Kitchens

Smart Kitchen Appliances Galore

While, there are over hundreds of smart kitchen appliances and gadgets to choose from, here we have listed some of the popular ones that have found their way into the kitchens, particularly in view of our changing lifestyles and hectic work schedules.

  • Food Processors
  • Coffee Makers
  • Toasters
  • Grills
  • Food choppers
  • Mixers & Grinders
  • Smart kettles
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves and more.

Advanced Fridges

As already mentioned above, fridges have become much more digitally advanced and innovative in comparison to what they were before. As a result, we now have frost free, super freeze and automatic defrost fridges that help us to store food easily.

Multi-functional Microwaves

The microwaves we used before were capable of cooking a variety of food items only. However, today, we find more and more families turning to the multi-functional microwaves that can cook, defrost, grill and keep the food warm.

Smart Ovens

Among the many smart kitchen appliances available today, one can easily vouch for the smart ovens as they have added convenience to our lives. These ovens allow the users to keep track of their evening meals while they are away from their homes. Tovala Smart Oven, for instance, can broil, bake, heat, convection as well as steam cook ready to eat meals in just a couple of minutes. Many of these smart ovens also come with chef-designed meal plans that offer the best of taste as well as nutrition.

Some More Exciting Kitchen Gadgets for You

There is no dearth of kitchen gadgets and equipments available in the market today. For example, many people use Wi-Fi enabled iKettles to boil their water and tea as well as control and monitor it through apps.

Many consumer electronics companies such as Whirlpool have also introduced touchscreen based cooktops that allows you to heat the pot through induction and also access their social media accounts while preparing food.

Samsung, on the other hand, has designed a Wi-Fi based fridge that lets you transfer TV programs directly on to a screen on the fridge and also make or receive calls.

Conclusion To sum up, technology has indeed changed our lives in the kitchen. It has made us smarter and allows us to save a great deal of our time cooking, preparing, heating, freezing and storing our meals.

-Puja Bhardwaj

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