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Singapore Tourism Board to Organize Singapore Weekender Festival in Mumbai from 17-19th November

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Singapore Tourism Board to Organized Singapore Weekender Festival

In their bid to popularize their recently unveiled “Passion Made Possible” unified brand, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) will be organizing a three day festival as part of their promotional activities in India. The event scheduled to be organized from 17-19th of November, 2017 will showcase the Lion City’s self-made and brightest talents from the field of art, dance, music, food, photography and film at the Sasson Dock in Colaba, Mumbai. The board has partnered with St+art India Foundation and Impresario to organize the Singapore Weekender, as part of the St+art Urban Art Festival in Mumbai.

Singapore Weekender by Singapore Tourism

The STB has invited Mumbaikars and other visitors of Mumbai to celebrate and participate in the festival. The festival will offer the audiences with an insight into Singapore’s unique art and culture. The event will see some of the most passionate talents and artists including Tan Zi Xi and The Yok & Sheryo, displaying their installations. Famous architectural photographer Darren Soh will also be showcasing his amazing cityscapes along with the Indian photographer Vibhor Yadav.

Apart from this, Asian hip hop champion DJ KoFlow will also be participating and showcasing his talent during the Singapore Weekender Festival. The event will also see a unique dance competition between the b-boying group Radical Forze and Dharavi’s b-boying crew Slum Gods. In addition to this, audiences will also get to witness a number of interactive events such as the Zine festival as well as the screen printing workshop with Knuckles & Notch and the Singapore film screenings by Singaporean film and photography centre Objectifs.


Tan Xi Zi

Yok and Sheryo

Tan Zi Xi

Tan Zi Xi

The public will also get to experience the country’s unique cuisine and flavor, even as Chef Bjorn Shen, one of the leading chef’s in Singapore will collaborate with the Impresario Group’s Executive Chef Gresham Fernandes and launch an exciting and special Singaporean menu, which would further be available at all the Social outlets in different parts of Mumbai from 18th of November to 8th of December 2017.

Chef Bjorn Shen

Through the Singapore Weekender festival, the Singapore Tourism Board is looking forward to encourage Indian travelers to admire the country’s unique art and culture and also consider Singapore as their next travel destination. The Passion Made Possible unified brand was jointly launched by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) on the 24th of August 2017 for internationally marketing Singapore for business and tourism purposes.


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