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When She Left Forever, To Be Happy Once More

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She Left Forever to Be Happy

A woman’s heart may be screaming from within. She may be desperately yearning to break all the shackles, but ties herself down each time. Her reasons are galore. She fears the society, the people around her, her friends and almost everyone else she once considered her biggest strength. She doesn’t have the courage to live the life of a loner. She feels she’ll end up being one after her marriage comes to an end.

Has that happened to you? Have you gone through countless emotions, when your life was falling apart? Yes, you did. We all do! But, there’s little we can do to change the events and occurrences in our lives. What we can do instead is get up and brace ourselves to face the horrible situations of our lives. Dealing with a bad partner or a partner who fails to recognize your emotional needs can be devastating. It leaves you asking yourself questions such as what did I do to deserve this? Where did I go wrong to end up with an uncompromising and selfish life partner like that?

Anita sat in a corner of her home, thinking about the trauma that she had been through in the past few years of her marriage. Three years wasn’t a long time, but she felt like decades had gone by. She wasn’t willing to stay in a relationship that was all about pleasing everyone, but herself. She was confused, choked, exhausted and frustrated. Her partner wanted her constant attention and she continued to serve him like a slave. Anita was one of those dutiful women who craved for a loving husband and a happy family, yet there she was staring into the night sky, wondering how things would have been if she were not married.

She Left Forever

She recalled how life was when she was in school. Her school mates were fun, a bunch of lively people who were always full of enthusiasm. Being a rank holder in school and an all-rounder student, Anita was quite popular among her classmates, teachers and principal as well as other school members. She never failed to voice her opinion, always participated in debate, writing and other extra-curricular activities.

Her thoughts moved a little further, as she reminisced about her college days. She was the star of the college too. She always secured the highest marks and won several scholarships during her graduate and post graduate days. What a brilliant mind she had! People were always in awe of her and here she was doing absolutely nothing. Trying to gather the broken pieces of her life and staring at one piece at a time, wondering how every single piece had fallen apart?

Life with Mahesh was nothing but pure slavery. Serving him breakfast, preparing his entire day’s food, staying at his beck and call, pleasing him, satisfying him sexually and then dancing to his tunes. Every single day was getting messier. Nothing he did excited her. He was never around to listen to her inner most feelings, what she thought, how she felt. He never cared for her emotions, even as she struggled to stay happy. Mahesh never let her visit her parents, nor did he want her to be with them when they came over. It was as if she was living just to take care of her husband, nothing more, nothing less!

“I don’t want that happening to me. I won’t let that happen to me,” Anita decided to herself. A couple of minutes later she packed her bags, resolving to leave Mahesh’s home and the relationship forever. She left. For the sake of her peace, her laughter, her feelings, to find herself again. To be happy once more!

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-Puja Bhardwaj

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