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Recipes to Prepare in a Jiffy During Work From Home

From the inception of lockdown in the country to now, most of the offices have initiated a work from home procedure to  resume their regular duties. However, occupied with the same amount of office work and deadlines, while juggling alongside the cooking chores became challenging for many. So, it is extremely important to follow a […]

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Plan a Leisure Trip in These Green Resorts Post-Lockdown

To compensate for all the loneliness and tedious hours you have gone through in this lockdown, you should plan a leisure trip to refresh your minds. With the government lifting the lockdown slowly, people are getting a green light to plan vacations. Getting locked down within the four walls for so many days was stressful […]

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No bake delicious biscoff cheesecake recipe

Biscoff cheesecake appears to have currently gained a lot of. It’s also known as Lotus Biscoff, and it’s a type of delicious cookie from Belgium with a deep caramel flavour. Originally famous as a cookie or biscuit in Europe, it has swiftly become a worldwide current flavour. This Lotus Biscoff cheesecake transforms this delicious flavour […]

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7 Best snack foods

7 Best snack foods to try while travelling to Delhi

Delhi, the historical capital, is a foodie’s heaven. From street food to exotic cuisines, Delhi, or ‘Dilli,’ can blow your mind in every direction. You can partake in standard (read: dull and tasteless) wine and dine, or you could let your mojo run wild and consume the mouth-watering delights of Delhi’s street food. Here, we […]

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Chef Akshat Parihar

Chef Akshat Parihar-Blending Global Cuisines in Perfect Harmony

Corporate Chef Akshat Parihar is a culinary artist and entrepreneur who exhibits genuine love for bringing cuisines from different parts of the world together in perfect harmony. His visual displays using an array of astonishing food ingredients and components have earned him admiration as one of the most skilled practitioners in ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ today. Parihar […]

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Hotels in Delhi

Top Hotels in Delhi Offering Staycation Packages for a Weekend Getaway

Everyone loves travelling, but they tend to avoid it because of all the planning and costs. Therefore nowadays people are interested in having within-city vacations. Planning a vacation in your city will not cost a fortune and will require no plans. Hotels are offering staycation packages for those interested in having vacations without leaving the […]

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