Is it the right way to meditate in 2022?

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Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass. -Owen Feltham

The right way to meditate

Meditation is a term that has come to be used loosely and inadequately in the modern world. Some people use the term meditate when they mean thinking or pondering; others use it to apply to fantasising or daydreaming. However, meditation or dhyana is not any of these.

It isn’t about becoming a unique person or a different person. It’s about training with mindfulness and getting a healthy insight of perspective. It is a definite technique for relaxing the mind and succeeding a state of cognisance that is different from the normal waking state. It is the means for understanding all the levels of ourselves and finally encountering the centre of consciousness within. It is not a part of any faith or beliefs; it is a science, which means that the method of meditation follows a distinct order and produces results that can be verified.

Right Way To Meditate

Practising meditation is to attain a heightened state of relaxation, calmness, peace of mind, internal answers, or precision. The first and foremost rule of meditation is that it does not have any rules. Practising simple exercises only a few times, one can start to develop their methods and discover what makes them comfortable depending on what their goals are.

There are different yet common forms of meditation.


Mindfulness methods include breathing repetitions. It focuses on releasing any stress or pressure in any area of the body. It is merely conscious of your present, immediate surroundings.


It is another potent form of meditation. Try to set yourself in any frame you choose, and focus in this visualised place- everything from noises you listen smells in the air, textures around you like rocks, grass, or even the temperature and notice how those senses feel.

Guided meditations

Guided meditations can include any other forms of meditation. The guide focuses on our breath, body, or visualise a specific scene. There are countless virtual guided meditations one can try in a yoga class or virtually.

Transcendental meditation

It includes a sanction, motivation, mantra, or goal for the day that can be repeated to oneself with closed eyes for several moments. It can be as simple as reciting the words “release” to let go of negative emotion, feeling, memory or thought, or “believe”, if you want to bolster faith or confidence. Many people believe in this form of meditation as a beneficial means for manifesting positive results in life.


Therefore, when you think about If there is a right way to meditate, then we might be wrong; it all just depends on the technique we use. According to Maria Margolies, (a yoga and meditation teacher, Gaiam ambassador and certified health coach) there are innumerable forms of meditation, from lying on our back to sitting upright. She states that the ultimate object is to, not only follow mindfulness but also to take that same quality of awareness from our practice and apply it to normal activities in everyday life.

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