Popular Vegan recipes for Non-vegetarian cuisines

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Popular Vegan Recipes

The green dot on packed food items equals the vegetarian’s stamp of approval. Only a true vegan understands its importance and meaning. For many people, it may be a simple design to avoid, but for vegetarians, it’s an indicator for them to enjoy a meal guilt-free. Whether you are a vegan by choice or lineage, the problems remain the same, i.e., Your non-vegetarian friends. 

Popular Vegan Recipes

Often your friends may have forced you to eat non-veg dishes you do not want. Though you would have ended up walking away from the place, right? Today, this has a solution. Here are some of the vegan dishes proxying the famous non-vegetarian cuisines you can eat with your friends. 

  • Vegan Butter Chicken 

Butter chicken is a basic non-veg cuisine. Butter chicken is always . ordered first at a family restaurant, wedding function, or dinner party. It’s time for vegetarians to try out this famous Indian dish with tofu. You can make it home with silky orange sauce cubes of perfectly grilled and spiced tofu. Though they completely look and taste like chicken, but are meat-free. 

  • Veg Hara Bhara Kebab 

Replace the tunde kebabs with these highly nutritious and super healthy hara bhara kebabs. It’s a classic evening vegetarian snack you can rely upon when guests are home. You only need to serve it with mint chutney, roti, and rumali and be ready for a flavor explosion. The healthy recipe can also be reconditioned as a delicious dinner. 

  • Veg Lasagna 

Planning for a date at home? Surprise your partner with this cheese oozing, veggies-infused, delicious lasagna. It’s a non-veg dish, but you can cook it with nutritious plant-based alternatives such as mushrooms, broccoli, corn, zucchini, beans, carrots, etc. This cheesy delightful treat is a piece of work, but it will be worth it once you see your partner happy with the dish. 

  • Veg Biryani 

Biryani is something you cannot replace with any other thing. Today, with this veg recipe available on the internet, no vegetarian has to live away from its splash of flavors. After cooking the veg biryani at home with tofu, crunchy veggies, and love, you can stop missing out on this great food. Include this delicious recipe on your weekend schedule and have a blast with its amazing taste. 

  • Veg Enchiladas 

It is a famous Mexican dish made with the goodness of veggies and kidney beans. Today, it is also an exotic vegetarian fiesta, which the vegetarians can cook by only adding veggies to the sauce and later mixing it well. 

  • Vegetarian Tandoori Chicken With Seitan

Feels like chicken, looks like chicken, but it’s cooked from gluten. It’s a good snack for parties, especially when you have a bunch of vegetarian friends. After cooking, serve this delicious veg tandoori chicken with lemon, onion, and mini chutney, and let them taste great at the party. 

Hence, these are the top vegan cuisines you can try cooking at home for your vegetarian friends and family. 

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