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Plan a trip with your friends | These are the perfect places


Plan a trip with your friends

Friends are the most vital parts of life. Actually, the pure fun of life is in the moments we spend with our best pals! Friends have that charm that even brings an extrovert out of an introverted person. I feel grateful to have found some gems in the form of friends. And for me, the best way to celebrate life with these crazy people have always been wandering around together. The way movies depicted travel life with friends ranging from Goa in Dil Chahta hai, Spain in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara to Las Vegas in Hangover – all set the high traveling goals amongst friends’ group. Of course, all for good reasons.

Plan a trip with your friends

As the quote says:

“Some times, all you need is a great friend and thirst for adventure.” – Anonymous

So, don’t hesitate, pack out your bags for a weekend getaway or long tour with your best buddies to any of these stunning places in India.

  • Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh

One evening, as the weekend was approaching, we planned a getaway to Rishikesh to indulge in rafting and camping. River rafting is a must-try for all adventure fanatics.

This plan with friends always works! A life jacket on, boarding the inflatable boat and carbon paddles ready – I was good to hit the rapids with my good brave friends. It was an unmatched feeling of thrill for all of us together, conquering the high-speed rapids in the mighty Ganges. Further, stopover at the Maggie point in between the rafting to refill ourselves also gave us a chance to click some happy pictures.

After completing this thrilling activity, we enjoyed our riverside camping under the stars. If any of your friends is guitarist, pack his guitar with you too, just like we did. My friend played the guitar, and all of us sang along his tunes was like a one good party scene alongside the breathtaking mountain backdrop. We all had the best weekend of your lives in Rishikesh.

Best Time to Plan: September to November and March to May

  • Andaman, Mix of Serenity and Adventures

Andaman is a heaven island for all the adventurous activities you seek and picture-perfect photos with your gang. If you need a respite away from the hustle and bustle of the city without compromising on fun, this is it! The less crowded locations gave us an excellent opportunity to enjoy tranquility and close encounter with the natural spectacles. There are myriad of islands to explore like Havelock, Coral island, Ross Island, Twin Islands, and much more.

Activities here range from mesmerizing island hopping, jungle trekking to scuba diving, and sea walking. What we loved the most was the crystal clear emerald blue beaches that were no less than any foreign land. Andaman boasts the cleanest beaches in India, so must experience it.

Best Time to Plan: October to March

  • Goa Can Never Go Wrong

No travel bucket list with friends completes until you have a trip to Goa. With its tropical vibes, beach fun, and late-night parties, it is one of the leading destinations to hang out with friends. Goa is the one spot that strikes the mind of every gang of friends. So, obviously, how could we also miss it?

It was my best friend’s birthday and the holidays were around the corner. Thus, no better way to celebrate the day than at the party destination. And we booked the flight to this hotspot.

Once we reached this uber-cool destination, we were presented with the best of Goa as we always saw and heard about it. Be it the delicious seafood or colonial architecture, partying hard at clubs, or having beach fun at Anjuna Beach – Goa gave us the most pleasant memories. Also, Goa’s beautifully balmy weather with a fresh sea breeze whirling through created a relaxing ambiance. The vibrant city is sure to hit out with your best friends!

Best Time to Plan: November to March


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