Nature in Kerala

Our Tryst with Natural Beauty of Kerala


Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Kerala

Kerala is an epitome of natural wonders. I believed this since I started to Google about it. Every time I used to get bowled over the eye-catching pictures and stories about this state. Believe me, hitting that place proved me that yes, it is for real. I got to know the reason it’s called “God’s own country.” It was a much-awaited tour from my bucket list, so coming holidays I finally planned the family trip to Kerala.

Natural Beauty of Kerala

There is a plethora of spots to visit in Kerala that even a ‘week’s trip I felt like not enough to us. Henceforth, the locations I finalized were Munnar – Alleppey – Idukki, due to their natural abundance I heard about so far. So, here’s how the trio treated us.


The maximum natural wonders of Kerala link to the Western Ghats that runs through the heart of Kerala. Munnar is one such popular hill station, located at an altitude of 6000 ft. Munnar packs in countless surprises for the nature lovers, thus attracting many with its beauty. Visiting this place, acres of manicured tea gardens and the exotic flora and fauna rewarded us well.

While here we also visited the Rajamalai Wildlife Sanctuary. It includes the rare species of fauna like elephants, deer, and endangered Nilgiri Thar. The most cherished memory from the sanctuary was it offered the stunning landscape of the valley.

Munnar was a divine beauty that after return, I feel there was something that still needs to be explored. I recommend while at Munnar not to give unending expands of tea plantation a miss. The magnificent tea plantations and the enthralling sight of Kerala’s wildlife will urge you to stay forever at this locale.


Next day, we proceeded to experience my personal favorite voyage – Alleppey Houseboat. Alleppey is also recognized as Venice of the east. It is settled on the banks of the turquoise Vembanad Lake. The houseboat cruised through the backwaters of Alleppey and presented a fantastic event with nature through its migratory birds flying around, cool breeze, and serenity all around. No doubt why people call it the hub of Kerala’s backwaters. Also, during this laid-back sailing, we get to discover the intriguing local life on the go.

It is a go-to destination to stay away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and retrieve yourself with the scenic splendor of the remarkable natural setting. Also, houseboats feature brilliantly furnished rooms, balcony, washrooms, and meal service to make your journey comfortable.


This place is amongst the most naturally rich sites to visit while in Kerala. Idukki is a peaceful place nestled between two gigantic rocky mountains of Kurathy and Kuravan. The twisty streams, stiff valleys, and the rivers make this place exceptional. Also, this non-coastal location is broadly recognized as an “eco-village in the Western Ghats.” The tea factories, forests, wildlife sanctuaries, spice plantations, and gorgeous villas were the highlight of this place. Thus, wherever our eyes wander, there was a touch of natural charm.

My favorite stopover at this place was Valara Waterfalls. Encompassed by verdant forests, Valara holds a chain of waterfalls. Thus, the spectacular beauty of this gushing waterfall was a treat to our eyes. We enjoyed chilling around its pristine clear water. It was like a heaven’s gift, and the pictures I clicked here are the proof.

Thus, Kerala is such a charismatic and gorgeous land that I had return with my memories and heart full of awe. This breathtaking place is a real blend of magic and beauty. The spell of Kerala never fades for my whole family. The serene aura all around makes it an ideal place for a lazy vacation with nothing but nature as your companion. Undoubtedly Kerala is one of the most delightful states of South India. Wandering around Kerala was indeed my tryst with nature, that I would not think twice to experience it once more.


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