OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro Features: A Better Phone With Features To Blow Its Competitor Apart!

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OnePlus 7 Pro Features

OnePlus almost went out of work nearly five years ago and today they have launched a phone that is just as good and even better in many regards as a Galaxy S10 Plus or iPhone XS Max, but it costs significantly less. OnePlus is thriving all around the world, especially in developing countries like India.

With the new OnePlus 7, we are sure that OnePlus would be able to tap into riches of US and challenge Samsung and Apple. So, what makes us think about this?

This is a powerful phone with a big screen, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when the Pro variant has 12 GB of memory. Not only this, the storage is 256 GB and uses the latest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor. So whatever you are using will feel smooth and fast even in split screen. Now let’s look at some of the features that define OnePlus 7 Pro.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features


OnePlus phones always have excellent cameras, but this is the best of the lot. The back of 7 Pro has three cameras, the primary one is 48 megapixels, then the wide angle and telephoto lenses are 16 and 8 megapixels respectively. This setup is similar to the ones Galaxy S10+, and Huawei P30 Pro has, and the camera is easily in the top back camera in the industry right now.

The front camera is just what you expect from an OnePlus phone, not too flashy like the back one in this phone.

Great Display:

7 Pro has a giant 6.67-inch HD AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. In simpler terms, it has a super-sharp display that refreshes every detail on the screen 90 times a second. Hence, playing games, watching movies, chatting or doing simply anything will be extremely smooth and the best.

Fine Battery Life:

The Phone has a pretty standard 4,000 mAh battery, and it will easily last a day in most cases. Considering the performance this phone has, lasting for a day is fantastic in its price range.

Super-quick Charging:

If you use OnePlus original “Warp Charge 30” cable and plug, you can charge your phone in about 35 – 40 minutes and it will last for a whole day. Also, OnePlus sends in a charger for a car ride which charges rapidly as well.

Ingenious Feature:

OnePlus phones aren’t filled with stuff you won’t use. Its OxygenOS system has its inbuilt app like weather and photos. Plus, the phone can be switched between silent, vibrate and ring with a slider. Plus the phone has an in-built screen recorder and a new “Zen Mode”, which disable anything that distracts the phone for 20 minutes. These features really make the phone smart and joy to use.

Having said all this, they are a few points I want to pinpoint. First, we still haven’t got wireless charging. The phone is not water resistant, and it seems the phone is too fragile and scratches appear so easily on the back and front. OnePlus has gone with the trend of going with no head jack and an expensive EarPods. The Facial and Selfie camera might just irritate you a bit.

What makes the Phone Special?

OnePlus has released almost half a dozen phones, and it has built trust among users with great performance in a budget phone. Now, with 7 Pro it has upgraded another level with features rivaling flagship smartphone makers at a considering low price. So, as a user, you are getting the best feature at a lower, and you are guaranteed performance. What more you can ask for in a phone. This is where the market will go crazy as everyone would want to buy the phone, blowing each of the competitors away from the market. 


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