New Portronics LiteHouse comes handy during Emergencies

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New Portronics LiteHouse

Consider some of these situations – there is an electricity outage in the house and most importantly there is a Party or a family function going underway; you are on one of those outdoor trips when due to insufficient light it is becoming difficult to perform any job; your car breaks down at night while you are travelling to a distant place and you attempt to repair it but there is insufficient light for that; and then suddenly the cell phone goes on low battery and it debars you to contact a Car Mechanic. What would you do in such situations?

To ease such situations for you, Portronics has come up with its innovative dual-purpose rechargeable emergency light cum power bank. Practically your life will be smooth and easier if you keep at home or carry with you this portable emergency light cum battery charger. It will help you as your friend and rescue you from all sorts of hassle.

A fully charged Portronics LiteHouse can be used optimally for many hours. Additionally, LiteHouse can charge any 5 Volt devices including mobile phones.

The Portronics LiteHouse has a magnetic base and allows you to perform any job hands free. It can be sticked to your car hood, cooking chimney or any metallic appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, almirah etc.

Light intensity can be manipulated up to three levels – low, medium and high. Close to 400 lumens of light is powered by 6 W bright LED to light up a 10 x 12 room.

The storage capacity of this power bank is 4400mAh, sufficient to charge your phone 1.5 to 2 times.

A BIS safety standard compliant, LiteHouse is lightweight, weighing around 175 grams. It is also portable and slim for which it can be carried in handbag or wallet.

Availability and Price

LiteHouse is available now at both on-line and off-line stores and has been priced at INR 1499/-.

– Samrita / Anjali

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