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Marketing Automation in B2C Businesses in 2019

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B2C Businesses

The marketing automation in the B2C segment is going to play a massive role in 2019. Well, if this is the first time you have heard about marketing automation, then you should know about it before knowing how it is going to be transformed in 2019. The marketing automation is software which will help to automate certain repetitive tasks. One simple example that can be considered here is the recurring transactional communication that is sent out to the user after every purchase. These marketing strategies seem like simple tasks, but they take up a lot of time if done manually. This marketing automation will reduce a lot of efforts on your part and even saves up a good amount of time too. 

B2C Businesses

It empowers the brands to gather and analyze the data of users, create meaningful segments and run targeted campaigns.

One on One Marketing

Personalization goes a long way. The way you reach out to the customer and deal with them will make a great impact. The marketers are just using the basic form of personalization in their messaging, and it isn’t as effective as it sounds. Users are expecting the brands to serve them with the information that they need at the present moment. This is where marketing automation will come into the picture. It will catch the cues about consumer requirements with the help of data that has been collected from their social media accounts, personal attributes, relationship with the brand and their buying preferences.

Chatbot Foray

Chatbots have already made a huge impact in the B2C marketing field. The blend of chatbots with conversational marketing will be a considerable growth driver in 2019. Chatbots have already taken over several aspects of the business with their top-notch capabilities. They have brought a certain novelty and versatility to a consumer-facing end of the business. The brands are trying hard to create conversational experiences that are powered with the intelligent chatbots which will mimic the human behaviour closely. Since their inception, Chatbots had it made for long, and now they are used for a plethora of tasks. 

Context Matters

In the B2C segment, the companies should always stay on their toes and look out to know what the consumers are discussing and how they can use those discussions to boost up their sales. All the successful brands in this consumer space are listening to the social media chatter and utilize every opportunity they get to take their brand into the audience. The brands should know about their consumers’ behaviour, what they are browsing and discussing online. Incorporating machine learning algorithms will make data modeling accurate and more intelligent.

Voice Based Interaction

Voice-based consumer interaction is increasing at a faster pace, and by 2020 almost 50% of searches that are made online will be by voice. The marketing automation strategies can use this voice-based interaction to reach out to more customers. They will be able to collect a huge amount of data based on user searching preferences and provide them with real-time search results.

Online and Offline Consistencies

The conversion of online visits to footfalls is what matters in every B2C business segment. You should be able to convert the people who have visited your site into your customers. The key insight to make this possible is by maintaining consistency. As per the industry research, the retailers who are using omnichannel marketing strategies are retaining 89% more customers. The one thing that is matters here is the customer’s perception of a brand. The omnichannel marketing is capable of bridging the gap between digital and real world providing a consistent experience for the consumers.


With the evasion of technology, even the consumers these days are expecting a lot more from the businesses. They want the companies to know them better, help them faster and surprise them everywhere. The marketing automation is capable of reaching all the expectations cited by consumers.


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