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Delicious Marinated Tofu with Baby Cress Salad Recipe

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Marinated Tofu with Baby Cress Salad

The countdown for the New Year has already begun! As we wait with bated breath to soak in the season’s celebrations and welcome the New Year, Chef Vaibhav, Executive Sous Chef – Hotel Sheraton, New Delhi has shared with our readers a simple recipe of Marinated Tofu with Baby Cress Salad which we all can try and enjoy at home.

Well, nothing can beat the good food that accompanies the New Year’s Eve celebrations. And you can ring in 2017 and make these celebrations grander and more special with this wonderful recipe shared by the Chef. But please don’t forget to give us your feedback.

marinated tofu

Wish all our readers a very Happy New Year!

Ingredients quantity
Marinated tofu cubes 5 pc
Herb salad 20gm
Avocado 1 no
Katakuriko mix 50gm
Oil for frying


Press the firm tofu until the liquid comes out, then covered with all the sides with the marinated base, keep it marinated for 4 hours. After 4 hours, clean all the miso then cut into cubes, coated with katakuriko mix before frying.

Marinated tofu base

Ingredients quantity
Ginger juice 30gm
Miso paste 50gm
Garlic chop 10gm
Yamasa soy 10ml
Grape seed oil 10ml
Grated radish paste  

Miso marinade procedure:

Combine the miso with ginger juice. Then add grated radish, soy and garlic and mix well.

Herb salad dressing

Ingredients                                    Quantity                           
Rice vinegar 60ml
Salad oil 60ml
Sugar 15gm
Sesame oil 5ml
Plum 3 no
Salt as per taste
Pepper as per taste

Herb salad dressing procedure:

Mix all the ingredients and keep in refrigerator for a week.

Katakuriko mix recipe

Ingredients quantity
Potato starch 1kg
Sichimi 300gm
Salt 50gm
Black pepper 10gm

Katakuriko mix recipe:

Mix all ingredients together and mix well

– Chef Vaibhav

Executive Sous Chef

Hotel Sheraton, New Delhi

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