Maa Ashapura Farm Stay, Ranthambore

Maa Ashapura Farm, Ranthambore – Where Nature, Organic Food and Horse Riding Go Hand in Hand


Imagine if you could spend your time in the laps of nature, surrounded by greenery and beautiful flowers. Next thing you know is that you are lying inside a splendid cottage and the moment you walk out of it, you are stepping into an organic farm where you have the choicest of vegetables and fruits that you could use for enjoying your meals throughout the day. Once you are through with all of the above, you hop on a horse and get going on a wonderful horse ride. By the time you return, you are tired but willing to settle for another round of entertainment, devoid of TV sets and music systems. Here, you find yourself gathering around a bonfire, humming your favorite tunes and spending leisure moments with friends and family members.

How did that feel? If the above description excites you, then head straight for the Maa Ashapura Farm Stay in Ranthambore Rajasthan.

Maa Ashapura Farm

While, Ranthambore is famous for the Ranthambore Fort, Jogi Mahal, Lake Padam Talab and the Ranthambore National Park where one can find a wide variety of species particularly tigers, Maa Ashapura Farm Stay is another reason you must visit the city at least once in your life.

Our Experience

Our experience at the Farm Stay was one of a kind. To begin with, we found the resort astounding in terms of greenery and its exclusive organic farms. An excellent resort for nature enthusiasts, the resort is full of amazing and fragrance filled flowers such as rose and jasmine that will fill you with joy and freshness. In many ways, it felt like a home away from home, where you had plenty of moments for unwinding and rejuvenating your body as well as mind. At the entrance of the resort, we found a scooter that was painted in red and yellow. We found the concept unique and even captured snaps of the scooter aside to taking selfies on it.

Maa Ashapura Farm, Greenery

Our Stay at the Machan Tent Cottages

As we moved further towards our Machan tent cottages and stepped inside it, we were awe-struck with the manner in which it was designed and decorated. However, the one thing that we found peculiar about our and all the cottages at the resort was that they do not have any television sets installed within them. The Maa Ashapura Farm Stay owners have specifically refrained from installing any TV or other digital systems to encourage tourists/visitors to spend time away from the usual hum-drum of life. In other words, they prefer that you spend your precious time with family and friends instead of whiling it away watching television.

Luxury Machan Tents, Maa Ashapura Farm

I also noticed that the cottages at the farm had huge bathrooms that were squeaky clean, which was kind of interesting and a distinct feature of the property. The resort also has a well maintained swimming pool that is open for guests from February to September.

Food-Organic All The Way

Food was another highlight of the resort. In fact, it is one of the primary reasons why you should be booking your stay at the resort, every time you travel to Ranthambore. All our meals were prepared using freshly plucked vegetables and ingredients that are cultivated at the resort’s organic farms. Right from cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes, green capsicum and a wide variety of other vegetables the farm is abound with organically grown fruits and vegetables. Even the oil (Kachi Ghani, Sunflower Oil) used for cooking is organically grown at the farm.

Organic Food, Maa Ashapura Farm

We also located many guava and papaya trees at the farm and plucked them directly from the tree. Those were some of our most amazing moments and it felt like we were revisiting our childhood by indulging in such activities.

Horse Riding-A Scintillating Experience

Another exciting reason to visit Maa Ashapura Farm is the resort’s horse riding facility. In fact, you won’t find the facility in any other resort or hotel in Ranthambore. The resort has a large number of horses and a well kept stable for the animals. As far as our experience with the horses is concerned, it was amazing. Our children too, were very excited to ride the horses. Despite being their first ride, our kids were not afraid of the animals rather they enjoyed their ride thoroughly. Even the staff present at the stable as well as during our rides were polite and courteous and also ensured that we faced no problems while riding the horses. In a nutshell, we had a scintillating horse riding experience at the farm, something that each one of us will cherish forever.

Horse Riding Facility, Maa Ashapura Farm

Final Thoughts

Overall, we had a great stay at the resort. We also spent a considerable amount of time enjoying the born fire that was specially lit for us by the resort staff and sang and danced to the tunes of many songs.  The carefree moments that we spent with our children and as a group, away from the city pollution and right amidst nature are few of the many reasons why we would want to visit the property over and over again.

Enjoying Couples, Maa Ashapura Farm


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