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Life in The Corona Time – A Hilarious Take

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Harsh Reality of Corona time

Corona time, the harsh reality of a significant percentile of human civilization, has brought our lives to a standstill. Imagine, being house arrest in your home with your family members, not getting a whiff of the outside world! And that too just because of a tiny virus! Well, I have already got an inkling about the animals and birds whom we put into cages for our entertainment purpose.

corona time

Now, we humans have been caged by Mother Earth for being such naughty kids. Well, some people around me were really excited about the lockdown as they will get to spend quality time with their beloved family members. However, is this for real? Let us have a look at a situation when the entire family gets at one place due to the lockdown.

Scene Inside A Lockdown Home Due to Corona Time

Let us take you inside a house during a lockdown in the times of Corona. When a family prepares to go into lockdown, they expect to make the most of the time. The expectations are getting up early in the morning, exercising together, preparing delicious food together, and helping each other in household work. However, the reality is late mornings, no or very fewer exercises, eating Maggi every time you want to have something delicious, and trying to hide when your mom is looking for some help for household work. Well, we all are sure to get some scoldings from our moms, no matter what the age!

Life Pauses But Does Not Stop

Life has come to a standstill. Is it? Well, it has slowed down a bit. The kids were in the habit of getting up early, getting ready for the school, enjoying the day with their friends, learning new things, and then playing in the evenings. The same goes for elders who were in the habit of running from pillar to post to earn their livelihood. However, now they are not aware about what to do. So, what happens? Frustrations, depressing moods, quarreling, these are the negative emotions ruling the day. However, this is the time when you get to spend quality though argumentative time with your family members.

Creativity Goes For a Toss

A friend who works as a website designer called me the other day. He was in a lot of distress. The reason being that he was not getting any creative ideas! How can he design his website when his kids demand his attention every time? How can he select the colors of his website design when all he has to do is, have a detailed look at his wife’s wardrobe while sorting it out? Well, some problems have no solutions till the time this lockdown will persist.

Even the kids are not getting ideas to draw. How can they? Even the television channels are not broadcasting anything new. Well, one aspect gets creative, your outlook towards looking for ways to turn utensil washing into an easy task.

Family Quarantine Olympics

This Olympic is different from the internationally renowned olympics. This is one game where the family member who is able to watch the television for the maximum time or play an online game for the maximum hours wins. However, this is a task as your parents are always on a lookout to assign you tasks, and you have to look for ways to hide from their views and present your sibling as the best bet.

Well, this is not an easy task, but you can surely do it. The need is only to have some patience and practice wisdom while portraying your sibling as the star kid who can perform your parents’ task and that too with precision.

Household Work Never Ends

Imagine a scene where every family member is locked in the house with nothing to do. Kids have got bored of their screen time, your old parents have got bored with no outdoor life, and you and your partner are waiting for the next green signal to run out of this madhouse. However, what is that one thing that disturbs the most? It is the never-ending household work.

Have you ever wondered how that maid used to do all this work within 2 hours when it takes half a day for you? Household work seems to be a never-ending spiral staircase, which has no ending at all. However, this is one aspect which you cannot ignore and one aspect which can take a toll on your lockdown dreams!

– Travelrasoi

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