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The Growth of Kids wear in India -The Latest Toddler and Teen Fashion

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Growth of Kids wear India

The Apple of your eyes has grown up and is no longer that small baby you held in your arms tightly before. While, they still need that hug, kiss and a smile on your face when they’re around you, these kids seem to have developed their own sense of styling and fashion. Yes! We’re referring to the children of today’s generation who know what’s in vogue and what’s not.

Kids, today have become extremely fashion conscious and are particular about what they wear to any party, function or gathering. Here, TravelRasoi digs deeper into the latest toddler and teen fashion trends and styles. We’ve also discussed the many reasons that have led to the growth of kidswear in India. Read on to discover more about some of the exclusive styles and designs that are sure to dazzle your children today.


Until sometime back, Indian mothers weren’t that particular about what their children wore to a party. While, most of them stuck to a plain frock or skirt blouse for their little girl, they made their boys wear the usual jeans and t-shirts to any social function or gathering. However, that trend has undergone massive transformation in the last couple of years. More and more Indian designers and even foreign brands such as Burberry and Gucci have now introduced a wide range and styles of attires as well as accessories for both toddlers as well as teenagers, dressing them up in styles that were rarely spotted among kids of the yester years.

Designer kidswear has caught the fancy of many such mothers and their kids, who strongly feel that fashion has nothing to do with one’s age or gender. Today, Indian fashion designers such as Gaurav Gupta, Gauri and Nainika, Raghavendra Rathore, Rina Singh and many others have come up with designer kidswear that are unique and attractive in every sense. For instance, brands like ‘Chota Pero’ that has been designed by Aneeth Arora for children starting from six months and upto 16 years have launched daywear clothing for children that can also be used for numerous occasions and parties.

Another popular kidswear brand that has created ripples in the kidswear industry has come from none other than the famous fashion designer Ritu Beri. Dubbed as the ‘Baby Beri’ collection, the kidswear is aimed at children between two and twelve years old. Every year Baby Beri launches new themes, designs and colours for kids that are perfect for revamping your kid’s overall appearance. Baby Berry, in fact, is for kids who want to dress up in attires that are exclusive as well as easygoing. Some of the other popular children brands in Indian include PS Kids from designer Payal Singh, Noni by Archana Kochhar and Coo Coo from Pallavi Swadi.

Kids Fashion-What’s in and why?

Kids, today want clothes and accessories that are comfortable to carry, boast of high quality material/fabric and are also peppy and funky when it comes to looks and appearance. That’s precisely why almost every kidswear designer in India now emphasizes on making their attires and accessories wearable and attractive. With an increase in their disposable income as well as changing trends and lifestyles, parents are fast realizing that their kids need to look their best as well.

This has led to the emergence of all new and attractive kidswear tailored for various occasions. Thus, when it comes to fashion, styling and looking extraordinary, kids have started picking traditional prints, vintage and classic inspired clothing that also features the contemporary and modern touch and look in addition to attires that keeps their innocence alive while reflecting the joy and fun of childhood.

As a result, the little angels or girls have started donning popular styles such as chic & exquisite dresses, frocks, vibrant skirts and blouses, beautiful gowns, fashionable jumpsuits, jeans & trousers, jeggings, capris, leggings, desi sarees, designer kids lehengas. Apart from this, they also prefer boutique style as well as handmade accessories like watches, handbags, kids’ jewellery, sunglasses and more.

Kids latest fashion -- kids wear india

Boys, too don’t wish to lag behind and can be seen in some of the most unique and wonderful attires such as shorts, polos, ethnic kurtas, track wear, party wear, rompers, onesies, suits & sets, waistcoats, breeches, blazers etc. In fact, they have their own unique choice when it comes to shopping for sunglasses, shoes and watches too.

In a nutshell, kids fashion is at another level today and is likely to witness many other new trends, styling and even price changes in the years to come.

-Puja Bhardwaj

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