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A Dinner Date with ‘Johnnie Walker Whisky’ made memorable by Westin Gurgaon

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Johnnie Walker Whisky

An evening of luxury and premiumness is how the Johnnie walker whisky Dinner hosted by Westin Gurgaon can be best described. Presented by Johnnie Walker, the evening was witness to some of the robust flavours of the iconic Scottish whisky brand that were showcased to the guests along with the  unravelling of interesting legends behind the making of the different blends of this premium whiskey.

johnnie walker whisky

It was also at this event that the newly appointed General Manager (Multi Property) of Westin Gurgaon, Ashwani Nayar was introduced to the guests. He shared with us his experience from his past 10 years spent in the Dhaka hospitality industry and also about his wonderful experience with the Johnnie Walker brand.

GM Ashwani Nayar

The 4-course meal as well as the sorbet in between the meal was curated by Chef Deepak Bhatia, who along with the representative from Johnnie Walker walked the guests through an amazing evening of wonderfully blended Johnnie Walker Whisky with delectable food.

Chef Deepak Bhatia

Starting with the salads first, we were served with the Frostier Summer Salad that had wild  Mushroom, Frisee lettuce, roasted beets, aged goat cheese and walnut reduction in it. The salad was beautifully blended with Johnnie Walker Black Label, the first drink for the evening.

Frostier Summer Salad

We next tasted the Johnnie Walker Double Black and it was complemented by a dish of Quinoa and Black Bean Crockpot, with Bell pepper reduction, cilantro and Avocado. For the non-vegetarian section, there was however the Tea smoked Salmon with pea puree, carrot crisp, mustard cress and caper butter.

dish of Quinoa

Next came the Sorbet (Rosemary and Star anise) that served as the ‘intermezzo’ or interval between the appetizer and the main course.


The next drink on the menu was the Johnnie Walker Platinum Label (which is an 18 years old whisky) and this went extremely well with the main course which was the Hand rolled Gnocchi in Smoked Tomato and Basil Concasse & Olive Dust. For the non-vegetarian section, there was again the cumin crusted Lamb Rack with Asparagus, charred onions, confit tomatoes Jus and vanilla foam.

Hand rolled Gnocchi

After a sumptuous meal, the dessert is always most awaited. Luckily for us the wait was not very long and we were soon served with the Citrus infused Ghana chocolate wave (Raspberry Coulis) and this was blended perfectly with the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. A perfect ending to a brilliantly crafted evening!

Ghana chocolate wave

And with this a splendid evening made special by both Johnnie Walker and Westin Gurgaon came to an end. But the experience was ultimate and I can wait with patience for another such evening that can be as amazing as this.

Johnnie Walker brand

– Samrita / Anjali

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