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iPhone 8 features

There’s a lot of excitement brewing about the impending release of a new (and supposedly “revolutionary”) iPhone this fall. Apple is approaching the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone (in fall of 2017), and it’s widely believed that the company wants to make a splash with a new device to mark that milestone. This means we could see the most dramatic redesign of the iPhone in years. There are also a lot of expected changes with the phone, and in the smartphone industry in general, that could make it a particularly handy device for travellers.

The first reason that this would appear to be the case is that Apple is once again revamping its iPhone camera. According to early reports, the iPhone 8 will include the same dual-camera system consumers have gotten used to with the 7 and 7-Plus, except that now the two lenses will be mounted vertically, as opposed to horizontally.

This could result in improved photos, which is always a plus for people travelling and taking pictures. Additionally, the front-facing camera is expected to have a “selfie mode,” which could come in handy for folks on vacation. There will also be some augmented reality features connected to the cameras, but it’s a little bit early to say how these might affect travellers, or what they will even be.

Another feature that should matter to travellers’ concerns is how they will keep their iPhone 8s charged. There have been persistent rumours of wireless charging capabilities, and some of them have suggested that there could be substantial distances between phones and charging stations. That means that you will theoretically be able to have a charger set up in a hotel room and be constantly charging while you are in the room. This is a significant luxury for travellers, as it can be frustrating to find yourself running low on power while you are out and about.

iphone 8 features

There are also some more general changes happening in the mobile marketplace that can be helpful for tourists to know. The first one deals with gaming, which can be a vital distraction for jet-setters on long flights or train rides.  Smartphone gaming has offered a virtually limitless selection for some time now, but we have recently seen one of the biggest genres expanding. Online slots and casino games have now adapted to mobile devices to the point that mobile casinos can now offer the same experiences as their desktop counterparts. This brings one of the most popular types of gaming in the world to devices like the iPhone.

There’s also the AR/VR functionality we briefly alluded to, but is spreading across mobile devices as it expands to new games. Apple is expected to embrace AR with the iPhone 8, and though we don’t know exactly what that will mean, the idea of AR involves combining one’s environment with the digital graphics from your phone. That could mean that location will play a bigger role in gaming and entertainment, which could make travel even more interesting. Some games could even rely specifically on exploration and sightseeing.

These are just a few of the ways that go on to say that the iPhone 8 will be the next great gadget for people who like to travel. We will know more as we get closer to the release date but this definitely seems like a device that might make a perfect companion for your wanderlust.

– John Lowe

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