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IKEA is a multi-national company in Sweden that sells ready-to-assemble home accessories, kitchenware and furniture. Having branches in various countries like India, IKEA sells affordable household items to its consumers. The Indian IKEA brand, having its large store in Hyderabad, comprises many products. The store is spread over 13 acres of land and has a 4-lakh sq. ft built-up area and a 1000-seater restaurant. 

The Hyderabad outlet of IKEA has a comparable size, but the stores located in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore are smaller. Its second largest store is located in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai. The best part of the IKEA products is their cost. They are affordable and of good quality as compared to others. 

Is IKEA Worth it? 

It is highly worth choosing IKEA for items like pottery, home furnishing, storage containers, kitchen utilities, etc. The products and qualities are outstanding and the same as in other countries. 

What is Good About Indian IKEA Products? 

  • The cost is comparatively low for the quality you probably receive. 
  • Quality is fantastic, and all the items are well-finished. 
  • The products have a good lifespan. 
  • You can also order the products online. Few stores also sell the items on Flipkart and Amazon at a high cost. 
  • The delivery charges are sensible and as per the location. 
  • Return is quickly accepted. 
  • The customer care number is also responsive. 

What is unfavourable about IKEA products? 

  • Delivery is chargeable. Sometimes it becomes inconvenient to order fewer items, as the minimum delivery charge is Rs. 199. 
  • The online return process is unavailable or, say, quite unclear on their website. 
  • No clarity about the lodging of complaints. 

Overall Experience

It’s pretty sceptical about buying IKEA products without viewing them. The products like cutlery, crockery, home décor items, storage containers, small furniture, plastic-ware items, bowls, glasses, plates etc., give a first-hand experience to its customers. All these items provide outstanding quality and affordable prices; that is all a consumer asks for. 

 A few tips before or while you visit an Ikea store

  • Ensure that you spend 4-5 hours at the store. 
  • You may have to walk for a long, wear comfortable footwear while visiting the store. 
  • The papers and pencils at several corners note the codes of large items. Thus, if you buy one, note the code, and the staff will arrange the same for you. 
  • The food items are quite delicious and have a simple menu at IKEA. 
  • For large items, arrange well for transport and apply for home delivery. 
  • You can return the products you buy anytime you want. You can go ahead even if you feel like returning them after weeks of purchasing. 
  • The ready-to-assemble furniture that is durable is not as simple as they look. Try buying small-sized furniture. The professionals at IKEA stores provide options to arrange for assembly. 

That’s all for you, friends! Hope you have got an idea of the Indian IKEA products. Do visit them and share if its quality, prices, food menus have impresses you or not.

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