Good Habits in Toddlers

How to Inculcate Good Habits in Kids 2022

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Make Good Habits in Kids

Parents can help their kids acquire healthy habits in the early stage of their life. As a parent, you can encourage your children to learn good social skills, good manners and also help them evaluate their food choices and physical activity habits. Toddlers take time to acquire a habit, so parents need to be patient with them. Repeating a behavior or an action in front of your child will help them learn more quickly and will bring lifelong benefits to your children. However, never force these habits on them but create fun and exciting ways of engaging them to know and understand the perks of these good habits in kids.

good habits in kids

Some of the ways to inculcate good habits in toddlers:

Be a Role Model

One of the best ways to improve good habits in toddlers is by setting an excellent example of yourselves. Children learn things by watching their elder’s everyday behaviours and habits. Hence it becomes essential for you to manifest the best so that the child imbibes the same.

Teach Good Habits

Encourage your kids to use phrases like I am Sorry, Thank you, and Excuse Me. Teaching them these phrases will help them in future.

Manage a flexible timetable

Setting down rules for your kid is essential as it helps to maintain good habits in kids. A routine and a time table are necessary at this point. Fix hours for playtime, watching TV or doing homework. Build a manageable timetable while allotting time for study and play. Keep a fair amount of time to play as it helps in both physical and mental development.

Healthy food habits

One of the primary aspects is to encourage your child to make healthy food choices. This one’s probably the sturdiest of them all. Just like most children, your child, too, will be tempted to grasp a bag of chips. Teach them how junk foods could be harmful to health and the importance of eating healthy food.

Helping Hand

A child needs to understand the value to serve others. Teach them how a family can work unitedly for the benefit of everyone like saying kind words, and how, having the right attitude makes other family members happy.

Physical Activities

Children spend a lot of time indoors watching T.V. or playing video games. Teach your child to swim, ride a bike or play games that involve running. Staying physically active will help them to keep fit and healthy.


Children don’t like to understand what they cannot do, so instead of scolding or being impatient with them, will not help them learn good deeds. Keep it entertaining and lively. Appreciating their excellent work will encourage them to learn better. Celebrate achievements and help your toddlers to develop a positive self-image in the process.

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