Valley of Flowers

How the Valley of Flowers Trek Captivated Me?

Valley of Flowers is a fantasy world located in a Uttarakhand state at a mountain of West Himalaya. The panorama of the Valley of Flowers National Park harmonizes with the rugged mountain wilderness. The trek is famous for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers along with the wide variety of flora. Renowned botanists and mountaineers appreciate the high-altitude Himalayan valley in literature for decades. So, listening to its aesthetic charm, the trekking enthusiasm within me this time finalized to head for an adventure to Valley of Flowers.

So, here I summarize the journey that was full of surprises and why every nature and trekking lover should visit it.

Day 1: Rishikesh-Haridwar

Our journey to Valley of Flower started with a drive from Rishikesh (though there are other starting points too) to reach Haridwar. The whole drive was of about 9 hours. Along the way, we enjoyed the mesmerizing panorama of the Himalayan range.

Day 2: Joshimath

Early morning, we begin an uphill long-distance drive from Haridwar to Govindghat. En-route, while passing Devaprayag, we witness the holy confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers forming the holy Ganges river. Overnight we stayed at Joshimath, to start our real trekking adventure the next day.

Day 3: Ghangaria

This day we began the trekking adventure through a short gradual climb from Govindghat. The trek goes through with a steep ascent and gradually gets comfortable till landing at Ghangaria. This trail took us through the spectacular view of the surroundings. We also halted at the tea houses en-route to savor the finest qualities of tea. On arriving at the destination, we explored the beautiful surrounding and concluded the day with dinner at the camp.

Day 4: Valley of Flowers

This day beckons the very reason for choosing the Valley of Flowers trek. We scaled an elevation of 3,858m to reach the Valley of Flowers. The very first footstep at the prime location was a feast for my eyes. Admiring nature’s most beautiful creations, I was left spellbound by viewing a diversity of thousands of flowers in full bloom. The multitude of color palette leans against the majestic Himalayas was like an enticing canvas.

Further, casually meandering through this location, I also witness a myriad of streams. Also, the wild flora gives a chance to a rich eco-system flourish in this valley, such as various species of birds, butterflies, as well as insects. The entire aura here is tranquil, and I come across a lot of gorgeous views. No doubt, why this trek is so popular is quite evident when you simply lost around its natural magnificence.

Day 5: Ghangaria

All these wonders of nature were making it irresistible to leave this magnificent place behind. Anyhow, we began the return trek to Ghangaria, following the same trekking route as before but with many soulful times saved in the heart.

Day 6: Govindghat-Rishikesh

After breakfast, we went via the same trek from Ghangaria to reach Govindghat. Further, from Govindghat, we drove back towards Haridwar and then Rishikesh to conclude our trek, taking the ecstasy of the whole journey with us.

Truly, the Valley of Flowers is amongst the most fantastic trek offering a unique blend of splendid beauty and breathtaking experience. This entire trip was not just an experience but a lifetime moment for me beholding nothing but the blooming beauty of flowers.

Some Travel Tips:

  • Avid trekker can do this trek quite quickly, but it will be tough for the beginners because it has steep pathways alongside the tricky descent.
  • There are fewer toilets along the trail and none in the valley. You need to relieve yourself in nature.
  • Make sure you pack a lot of clothes if the rain hits the place.
  • Other useful stuff to carry comprises of a raincoat, cap, sunscreen, water bottles, first aid kit, flashlight, toiletries, and a small towel.
  • Many times, the mobile network coverage vanishes after Govind Ghat.

Best Time to Visit: June, July, and August.


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