Hong Kong airport journey

Hong Kong airport – A Hectic Journey turned Memorable…




One such journey that still brings back beautiful memories while reminiscing is a trip I took from Taipei back to Delhi. Our layover was at Hong Kong airport for an hour. The thought of getting back to Delhi after a 10 day long trip got me so excited that even an hour’s layover seemed too long to me.

Beautiful journeys are part of life and there happens to be a memory attached to every journey that one takes in life – memories that can be both sweet and bitter, but in a way they remain etched in the mind for a lifetime. While a journey can change your perspective towards an idea or a philosophy, it can also bring you close to reality that you might never have believed to have been there. In other words, journeys are full of experiences that are worth sharing.

I and another of my companion I met at the flight decided to utilise this time by exploring around the hong kong airport. I was starting to miss my husband even much more than and I was feeling thrilled to be meeting him, who too was anxiously waiting for me to reach.

Hong kong airport

Hong Kong airport

However, much to our horror, there was an announcement made of further delay in the flight to Delhi. I somehow could not make out the accent and when I asked my companion and saw the announcement flashing on the display board in front of me, I came to know that there would be 3 hours of delay at hong kong airport. Not knowing what to do, I frantically started searching around for a phone booth, to inform my husband about the delay. But there was nothing in sight.


In a fury, I kept complaining of why such a thing would be happening with me and then my new-found friend jokingly interrupted me saying that how I can I forget that she too was in the same flight and that she too is longing to be back home as soon as possible. I understood that there is nothing to be done, but be patient and wait for further announcement.

In the meantime, we were given free lunch packets to make up for the delay and we were having our food in a cafe when I met another Indian couple from Delhi who were in the same flight. We quickly became good friends over our lunch and started chatting about things that were of interest to us all. They even offered me their phone and asked me to call and inform at home when I told them how my husband would be worrying about me.


We got so engrossed in our talks that we did not notice how those 3 hours went by. We soon realized that we will have to go back to the boarding gate to get assembled as the flight will take off in a while.

To this day, I still cherish that moment spent at the Hong Kong airport that made me make some really good friends. What seemingly appeared hectic and tiresome at first turned out to be a completely new experience. It still brings a smile in my face thinking that even in a foreign land(hong kong airport) I managed to make some good friends who remain close to me even today and surprisingly it happened in a matter of just 4 hours!


– Anjali Sethi Joshi / Samrita Baruah

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