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Where to Head for The New Year in India?


My Top 5 Picks For Celebration of New Year in India!

With the new year eve around the corner, it implies I have some leisure time and enjoy the day fullest. There is a myriad of cities in India available that host the best new year parties and are pleasant locations to explore. I always make sure to plan a short trip for making my new year cherishing. To this date, the tours had been terrific gala time for me. An excursion to a new spot is your chance to launch a new year in an elated way. So, here I share my experience with the cities I visited. Pick one of the spots, pack your party dress, and bid adieu to this year in a style.

Celebration of New Year in India
  • Goa

We are talking about the parties that too new year party; it is stupid if I don’t scream Goa! The city attracts a massive crowd from all over the world and all for a good reason. The Sunburn festival in Goa is amongst the most prevalent New Year carnivals. Under the stars, I danced the night away on the sand with the most famous DJ’s playing the top chart songs. Meeting with interesting people and relishing affordable seafood was cherry on the cake. I just wished that the parties never come to a stop.

  • Mumbai

When I was planning a new year party, I couldn’t neglect Mumbai as well! So, I loaded my bag for two days and boarded a flight on 30th to reach this destination. The city for night owls is an opportunity for the whole night booze and party. It’s a party location to be in the bucket list of every social lover. Visit the top-notch lounges and 5-star hotels during the new year for vibrant party time. Also, when the clock struck 12, the fireworks near the Gateway of India on the new year was a sight to behold!

  • Delhi

One more ravishing location that has a knack around it to revel in New Year gala! Delhi has several cafes, pubs, and luxurious hotels for party animals to enjoy the music and groove on the dance floor. The venues rope in notorious band groups and DJs to set the stage of fire. And yes, being in the capital city, how could I miss the delectable Mughlai cuisines like aromatic biryani, spicy kebabs, and even spicy street food to top up my celebration game. After all, good food sets the mood right too!

  • Kolkata

When it comes to parties, the elite city offers incredible pomp and show. For a perfect nightlife experience, you’ll find a plethora of sensual and lively clubs to choose from and enjoy a party of life. The clubs around the city become very hot with DJs, celebrity guests, dance, mouthwatering meals, and all the entertainment you can think of. It’s one of those few cities in India, where you can find clamoring celebrations for all age groups. With an ecstatic happening crowd, which partied all night long, the city made my day.

  • Kasol

If you are on a search for an offbeat place for NYE, I recommend this one! A small town Kasol is a lot more than you can imagine. The village hosts one of the most happening late-night music parties in India. Stunned? So was I, when I reached the place and witnessed this. Partying around the mountains while enjoying the spectacular pictures is like a surreal moment. Also, it is a gem for hipsters where one can go for trekking, river rafting, trout fishing, visit Parvathi River, Malana, Kheer Ganga to admire beautiful aura. A unique way to revel in New Year’s Eve!


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