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To the living Gods called Mothers


Happy Mothers Day


One word, many emotions, umpteen meanings and a zillion carefully wrapped memories.

This word is as underrated as this person itself. A mother is like a bubble wrap. She lovingly embraces you and protects from all the harm around. Even beneath her harshness and scolding lies love and care. And when she comes to showering her love, you feel nothing less than a prince or princess. It is her territory but she lets you sit on the throne. She’s happy when you’re happy and sad when you are sad. She reads you like a book and understands you more than you. When you are in pain, she cries inside and when you smile it is her greatest earning.

So, Happy Mother’s Day, surprise your mother with these sweet gestures that she can cherish all her life:

>> Early in the morning, play this song loud “Tu kitni achi hai…Tu kitni bholi hai…pyari pyari hai…o maa o maa!”. Either of the two things would happen. She would smile out of surprise or a tear might roll down her cheeks if she gets emotional. Both ways, it would touch her!

>> Give her a day off from the kitchen. Bake a cake or cook any of her favourite snacks. Don’t worry; she won’t judge your culinary skills. At the end, what matters is your effort and it would be totally worth it when she smiles at you for your achievement.

>> Everyone loves a gift but what adds to the charm is when you take out time and personalise it. Take an old picture of you with your mother, frame it yourself or get the job done at a photo studio. Either of the way, your love for her would reflect in the way you present it to her.

happy mothers day

>> With almost every restaurant offering massive discounts on the occasion of Mother’s Day, it wouldn’t pinch your pocket if you shell out a few bucks for your mother as she relishes her favourite dishes at her favourite restaurant.

mother's day restaurant

>> Advance book a SPA appointment for her and be her chauffer that day. She needs it more than anybody else. After all the hard work she puts in for you, doesn’t she deserve one day to pamper herself? Don’t sulk if you don’t have a budget for that. Give her a foot massage instead, she would be equally glad.


>> Family moments are the best moments and we don’t need anybody to certify that. To end the day, play her favourite melodies and spend the night chatting together. Don’t forget to thank her for everything she has done for you.

Nobody can ever pay back a mother but even a little effort from our side could make the “Home Ministry” happy. So, work towards making your mother feel special on a day dedicated to her and only her. Cheers!!

Meenakshi Besoya

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2 thoughts on “To the living Gods called Mothers

  1. Very soulfuly dedicated to our goddesses. . She is evidently the one and only who is always there to love n support us no matter how exciting or grave a situation is.. she would share all her happiness with us but we prefer sharing all our sorrows with her.. she deserves a grandeur treatment almost every day of her life as she ends up dedicating all her life to her family.. mother is such a beautifully carved facet of god..
    Great suggestions listed by meenakshi besoya. .

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