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Grilled Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe 2022

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Grilled Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

You cannot stop yourself when your eyes suddenly fell on those round, juicy tomatoes in the market. You become even more enticed to buy them after hearing that the shop keeper is giving them away at a throw-away price to its customers; the shop keeper would encourage you to get another 2 kilos of them and you considering the price at which he is giving away, would get them and then stash them away in your refrigerator.

After some time you realize that other than making a special paneer dish or a Dal Makhani, you are not putting them to any use and they would start to rot after a few days. What about trying an easy recipe of Grilled Stuffed Tomatoes, and mind you this will be relished by everyone at home, even your kids.


This is an easy recipe which I have devised together with my mother-in-law one day, when I was totally clueless of what to cook for dinner and my mother-in-law after enquiring the vegetables I had in the fridge suggested me to try this simple dish Grilled Stuffed Tomatoes. All you need is a microwave at home and the ingredients that I have mentioned below.  Try it this winter and give us your suggestions on it –


Large Tomatoes 4
Oil 2 tsp
Onion (chopped) 2 medium sized
Paneer (crumbled) 150 gms
Green chilly (finely chopped) 1
Peas Handful of them
Cheese 1 cube
Salt, pepper, oregano leaves (herb) to taste  

Method of Preparation

  • Slice the top of the tomatoes and scoop the pulp out gently

grilled stuffed tomatoes

  • In a pan, heat oil. Add the peas, chopped onion, green chilly and the crumbled paneer (cottage cheese). Mix all of them together and keep stirring it gently till oil separates. Also add salt, pepper and the oregano leaves


  • Turn off the gas and leave the mixture (stuffing)aside to cool
  • Grease the plate in which you are going to place the tomatoes. Pile the mixture into the tomatoes and try to fill it to the brim
  • You can then either GRILL+MICROWAVE or only GRILL the tomatoes (whichever option suits you) on your microwave. In my case, I chose the first option (GRILL+MICROWAVE). I had set the microwave to 7 minutes on high temperature, but you will also have to keep checking whether or not the tomatoes are becoming tender
  • After you take them out, garnish it with cheese on top and serve them warm


– Samrita Baruah

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