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It’s Me Time ! Give yourself a Break and Enjoy Your Life

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You are your ‘Top Priority’ and you need to keep reminding yourself about the same every single day!

With a mountain of tasks to accomplish each day, finding your ‘Me Time’ may seem tough or rather impossible. Yes, I am referring to the hundreds and thousands of women out there who keep juggling their family, friends and career day in and day out just to keep pace with their lives. As women, we tend to burden ourselves by amassing just too much on our plate and amidst all of that we begin to forget about our self-importance and existence. That’s exactly why every woman needs ‘Me Time’ to get away from the burden of endless responsibilities that always rests on her shoulders.

The Importance of Me Time

‘Me Time’ allow women to lead a life full of happiness and contentment. When we treat ourselves right, it leaves a positive impact on our mind, body and soul, eventually leaving us de-stressed rather than distressed.

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So, if you are finding it difficult to take out those extra one or two hours or even a couple of days off for yourself, then read on to discover some quick tips for extracting some ‘Me Time’ from your ever busy schedule.

According to psychologists, Me Time helps you to:

  • Reboot your brain
  • Unwind
  • Improve focus
  • Improve productivity
  • Leaves More Time for Self-discovery
  • Solve many of your problems
  • Build strong bond/relationship with yourself and others.

How to Enjoy ‘Me Time’- Quick Tips

Enjoy a Nap: Perhaps the easiest way to take out some ‘Me Time’ is to enjoy a nap. But, that does not imply that you should be going off to sleep in your office chair or on the couch at your home. Your ‘Me Time’ should leave you feeling comfortable and that’s exactly why you should lie down on your bed and get cosy under the blanket and covers. Ideally, you should be going off to sleep for at least an hour or two. However, if you don’t have much time for that then simply shut your eyes and rest for as long as you can.

Switch Off Your Phones and Gadgets: In a world inclined towards social media, email, phone calls and other forms of electronic communication, you’ll always find yourself stuck with your mobile phones and gadgets. But, if you are truly interested in indulging in ‘Me Time’ then we suggest you unplug and switch off your phones and other gadgets for a minimum of one or two hours. Also, use those few minutes and hours to read your favourite books, magazines or simply enjoy a stroll or play your favourite music and unwind. You could also buy yourself a new attire or shop for your favourite pair of shoes during those few hours away from the gadgets.

Go on a Lunch Date—With Yourself: Yes, you read it right! You can also enjoy some ‘Me Time’ by going out for a lunch all alone. Sit down at your favourite café or restaurant and order your favourite meal once in a while. If you have kids, then request your family members to take care of them until you are back from your lunch date. Also, use the alone time to observe people or even read your favourite book and enjoy your food thoroughly.

Pursue your hobbies or passion: All of us are passionate about something or have a hobby that we find it difficult to pursue due to our ever busy schedules. So, whether you like golfing or playing indoor games like badminton or even if you simply love to drive, shop and enjoy gardening, go ahead and engage in your preferred activities and make sure you have lots of fun. 

Shower to Relax and Unwind: Yes, bathing time is the best time to enjoy some ‘Me Time’. Hence, if you have a bath tub at home, then indulge in bubble bath or even aromatherapy and step into the shower later. You can also shower to relax and unwind with your favourite music playing in the background.

Learn to say ‘No’: Many of us find it difficult to say a ‘No’ to a family member or friend, simply because we don’t want to turn them away. While, it’s always good to help your family and friends, but make sure that it isn’t interfering with your ‘Me Time’. That’s exactly why you must also learn to say a ‘No’ politely or request them to give you a few hours or days before you can help them.

That’s it! Those were a few ‘Me Time’ suggestions from Travelrasoi. Do share your ‘Me Time’ ideas and tips with us in the comments section below!

-Puja Bhardwaj

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