Get The Perfect Blend of Premium Tea at The Roseate Hotel

Tea Connoisseurs Get The Perfect Blend of Premium Tea at The Roseate Hotel

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Get The Perfect Blend of Premium Tea at The Roseate Hotel

If you are a tea lover, then you are surely going to love this. One of the premium and fine-looking properties of New Delhi, Dusit Devrana has just been rebranded as “The Roseate Hotel & Resorts” and I was on my way to it not just to witness this new transformation but to attend and experience an exclusive, premium quality of tea by global luxury tea brand TWG Tea.

twg tea at the roseate hotel

I stepped into Kiyan restaurant of The Roseate hotel that was all set for the tea tasting session. The stage was already set, ready to give the best experience to its guests and introduce to them an elite collection of luxury tea.

kup_1241 twg tea

TWG Tea is an international luxury tea brand from Singapore and is a trendsetter in the truer sense in the world of quality tea. Boasting of having the widest varieties of tea, sourced out directly from gardens during every season in association with the world’s most renowned estates, it also offers signature modern tea accessories and delicate tea-infused sweets and savories.

TWG Tea experience at the roseate hotel was presented to the guests in restaurants and rooms at The Roseate & The Roseate House, where guests got to experience a complete range of premium blends of valuable Russian Samovars, Artisan Tea Tins and signature Design Teapots, a sign of modern grace and traditional approach.


The first one we were made to taste was Crème Caramel, which is a delicate Red tea from South Africa that has a secret blend of sweet French spices and bring out a remarkable flavor of caramel as you take a sip. After that we had Imperial Oolong, a well balanced and flavorful that had a sweet and fruity savour and soon that particular taste would remind you of the flavor of wine.

We also had amazing combination of Tea with Chef Anand Desserts, Macrons and Cup cakes along with varieties of snacks. It made for a great experience. Not only tea, but TWG Tea stole the show when it came to snacks too.

earl grey food

The collection also had Breakfast Earl Grey, a black tea richly infused with bergamot and then Harmutty Assam which is a second flush Assam tea, very strong and rich in flavor.

Talking about the aroma, almost every variety could boast of having an amazing aroma, which I feel would leave anyone asking for more than just one cup of tea. It really felt amazing as this was the first time that tea connoisseurs got an opportunity to endeavor Tea collection of TWG and enjoy its myriad the was a really enjoyable moment at the roseate hotel 



– Anjali Sethi Joshi / Samrita Baruah

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