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Food Enthusiasts get Ready for a Singaporean Extravaganza at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon

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Singaporean Extravaganza at The Leela Ambience Gurgaon


Travel farther East this autumn and indulge in an exclusively new food extravaganza by enriching your food palette with never-before-experienced food and cuisine. To make this possible for food enthusiasts from Delhi, the Fullerton Hotel along with Singapore Airlines is bringing to India the Singaporean Food Festival ‘Singapore Surprise’, where guests would be familiarized with the authentic dishes from the island country.

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The party would be on at Spectra, The Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences from Saturday, October 15th to Sunday, October 23rd, 2016.

The guests would be treated to an authentic Singaporean cuisine, which would be prepared by international chefs participating at the festival. But before that a grand Cocktail Party has also been planned to set the tone for the gala evening, when you can let loose the party animal in you. You can also enjoy a cocktail by the magnificent poolside, under the autumn sky that would further liven up your mood.

The festival has been named Singapore Surprise not just for fun, but there are indeed many surprises in store for the guests. For instance, to make it a memorable experience and to transport you personally to Singapore, the festival has organized special Cooking Classes in Zanotta on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 and in the Ambience Mall on the Sunday, October 16th, 2016 respectively. These classes will take place under the mentorship of Richard NG Executive Sous Chef of Fullerton Hotel, Singapore and other chefs from Fullertone Hotel.

Good food is always complemented with great wine, and one cannot possibly give it a miss. So on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, an exclusive Wine Dinner has been planned when diners would get to relish along with the Singaporean dishes, exclusive wines brought from all over the world. This is going to be yet again a never-to-forget experience for Wine lovers.


In the midst of all the excitement, there is also a Charity Dinner planned on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 to support a noble cause. A five course Singaporean dinner has been curated that would be served with Singaporean cocktails to the guests. Additionally, there would also be Chardonnay, Chablis and Italian Sparkling Wine at the Royal Room which guests can get acquainted with.

Well, if you think the Charity Dinner will draw the curtain on the food festival, then you might be missing out on something exciting again. Adding on to the fun and frolic, Singapore Surprise has also got a lucky draw for all its guests. If they happen to participate in the lucky draw, guests would be entitled to winning exciting awards from international partners.


Xavier Ho, Manager – Northern India, Singapore Airlines feels excited to have partnered with The Leela Ambience Gurgaon and bringing the exotic Singaporean cuisine closer to food lovers in India. This Food Festival, according to him is offering a chance to all the diners and guests to get acquainted with the taste of Singapore’s staple food as well as get an opportunity to learn to prepare staple Singaporean meal from the best chefs of leela ambience gurgaon.


Caveliere Giovani Viterale, General Manager, Fullerton Hotel is full of praises for the festival too and for having got an opportunity to host the Singaporean food festival. He said that the culinary team from Fullerton Hotel would be more than happy to serve Indian guests with authentic Singaporean cuisine and drinks.


There are indeed lots of surprises in store and this you can experience it only when you are there personally and be a part of the celebration to unravel more such exciting things.

– Anjali Sethi Joshi / Samrita Baruah

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