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Enjoy Winter Holidays by visiting these beautiful places


Best Places To Visit In Upcoming Winter Holidays

Winter makes to be an excellent time to spend some long lazy days of vacation with your family or best friends in a beautiful city. So, in this case, from the rural backdrop, snow-capped mountains, and Christmassy vibe to outdoor fun, India has a lot to offer for your ideal winter vacation. I realized this during all the trips I planned in the Winter season by far. Towns like Dalhousie and even Auli have stunning natural escapes for nature lovers.

So, here I’ll narrate the impression infused on me by the four locations and why you should also look forward to visiting one of them this winter season.

  • Auli

I was searching for an adventure spot far from the hustle and bustle of this city. So, Auli proved to be an ideal decision. Why?

Here I get to experience the best skiing ground to soothe my adrenaline rush. Further, it is a snow-covered hill station that offered a breath-taking panorama of several mountains, dotting the locale like Mana Parwat, Mt. Nanda Depanoram, Dunagiri, and NarParbat. Believe me; this quaint city is blessed with mesmerizing scenarios as far as your eyes go.

Other attractions comprise of Auli artificial lake, Gorson Bugyal green pastures landscape, and tasting sweet water of Chattrakund.

  • Guwahati

If you are looking for a cultural excursion during winter holidays – Guwahati is your place to be. We all know well North East India, holds its one of a kind appeal and presents awe-inspiring beauty. Guwahati is the biggest city in Assam and envisions as the Gateway to the North-East. While here, I got a real taste of local Ahom culture and folklore at the city’s every corner. Also, I suggest you to must visit Assam State Museum that boasts artifacts dating back to the 7th century.

The next day I went to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, the sights at this Wildlife Sanctuary were splendid. Moreover, at this sanctuary, I got a glimpse of a wide range of exotic birds. The highlight of this place saw Great Indian one-horned rhino.

Furthermore, being a foodie, I head to the famous Foodvilla to satisfy my gastronomical craving by savoring Assamese cuisine served here. At this place, you can even learn a few culinary styles to try Assamese cuisines back at your home. This city offers good nightlife options as well. Thus, it’s a perfect blend of cultural and modern vacation for you.

  • Dalhousie

Visiting Dalhousie during winters means to get ready to be greeted by snow-covered summits. The surreal winter harmony encompasses you in this town. Also, popular as the “Switzerland of India,” Dalhousie enticed me with its old-world charm, embellished by captivating Victorian and Scottish architecture.

Also, strolling through a misty fog and lush green trees took over my heart completely. Further, I visited the St. Patrick’s Church, surrounded by pine trees from the British period that possesses sublime interiors and exudes a soothing environment.

So, transfer into nature’s lap away and loosen up yourself in the serene atmosphere. The joy of being in the snow made this trip worth it for me.

  • Leh

Leh in Ladakh is a topmost preference for traveling enthusiasts seeking to admire the glory of the Himalayas. Here what I enjoyed the most were icy treks and motorcycle expeditions through its rough terrain.

Winter is the best time to witness its raw beauty as the city freezes over and becomes the destination for the brave heart. Leh will refresh your heart and soul, and you will return with long-lasting memories just like me.

Thus, there is a myriad of reasons why not to avoid visiting these Winter destinations. So, where would you like to go?


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